This checklist includes all known Bornean species, giving the page number on which a fuller account can be found, a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution, the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines, *means shared with Sumatra only and **means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. S.E. Asia means presence in several of the countries from Burma to Vietnam and Thailand. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens. The categories ‘Radio Sabah’ and ‘Summit’ refer to zones on G. Kinabalu above upper montane recognised by Holloway (1970).

Tribe CATOCALINI (1 species)

Catocala macula Hampson (p. 39). Indian Subregion, Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi, Seram. [Montane].

Tribe OPHIUSINI (50 species)

Artena rubida Walker (p. 42). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Artena dotata Fabricius (p. 41). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Lowland forest (to upper montane).
Artena inversa Walker (p. 43). Sundaland, Philippines, New Guinea. Lowland to Radio Sabah zone.
Artena convergens Gaede (p. 43 ). Thailand, Sundaland, New Guinea. [Lowland forest].
Artena lacteicincta Hampson (p. 44). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland*. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Thyas honesta Hübner (p. 44). Oriental tropics. [Lowland to montane].
Thyas juno Dalman (p. 44). Oriental tropics, S. Moluccas, Japan, Korea. [Upper montane forest].
Thyas javanica Gaede (p. 44). Sundaland. Lowland to Radio Sabah zone.
Thyas coronata Fabricius (p. ). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. Lowland to Radio Sabah zone.
Ophiusa tirhacoides sp. n. (p. 48). Endemic. [Disturbed lowland and coastal habitats].
Ophiusa disjungens Walker (p. 49). Indo-Australian tropics. [Upper montane].
Ophiusa discriminans Walker (p. 49). Indo-Australian tropics. [Lowland to upper montane].
Ophiusa trapezium Guenée (p. 50). Indo-Australian tropics. Disturbed forest and cultivation from lowlands to lower montane zone.
Ophiusa triphaenoides Walker (p. 51). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Ophisma pallescens Walker (p. 52). Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi, Seram, New Guinea. Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone, mostly forest.
Ophisma gravata Guenée (p. 52). Indo-Australian tropics. [Lowland forest, including secondary and plantation].
Achaea serva Fabricius (p. 53). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone.
Achaea janata Linnaeus (p. 55). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics and subtropics. Lowland disturbed and open habitats.
Achaea simplex Walker (p. 56). N. Moluccas and islands west of New Guinea, Sulawesi, ?Borneo. [Lowland].
“Parallelia” calefaciens Walker (p. 57). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Wallacea and Seram. Lowland to upper montane forest.
“Parallelia” pilosa sp. n. (p. 58). Endemic. [Lowland].
“Parallelia” arctotaenia Guenée (p. 58). Indo-Australian tropics, Japan, Korea. [Radio Sabah zone].
Buzara onelia Guenée (p. 60). Oriental tropics. Lowland forest.
Buzara forceps Kobes (p. 60). Sundaland*. Lowland, mostly disturbed and cultivated areas.
Buzara pseudoumbrosa sp. n. (p. 60). Endemic. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Buzara feneratrix Guenée (p. 61). Sundaland, Thailand. [Montane forest].
Buzara saikehi sp. n. (p. 61). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Bastilla joviana Stoll (p. 63). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Australia. Lowland to upper montane, including cultivated areas.
Bastilla vitiensis Butler (p. 63). Sundaland to Samoa and Tonga. [Montane?].
Bastilla maturescens Walker (p. 64). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Lowland to lower montane].
Bastilla maturata Walker (p. 64). N.E. Himalaya to Japan and Sundaland. Montane forest.
Bastilla acuta Moore (p. 64). Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland. Montane forest.
Bastilla flavipurpurea Holloway (p. 65). Endemic. [Disturbed montane forest].
Bastilla absentimacula Guenée (p. 65). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. [Lowland forest].
Bastilla amygdalis Moore (p. 65). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Bastilla arcuata Moore (p. 66). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Bastilla fulvotaenia Guenée (p. 66). Oriental tropics and S. Moluccas. Lowland (including secondary) forest, (upper montane).
Bastilla crameri Moore (p. 67). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Lowland to hill forest].
Bastilla euryleuca Prout (p. 68). Endemic. [Lowland].
Bastilla circumsignata Guenée (p. 68). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Macaldenia palumba Guenée (p. 68). Oriental tropics, ?east to New Guinea, Guam. Lowland to upper montane.
Pindara illibata Fabricius (p. 70). Oriental tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Grammodes geometrica Fabricius (p. 71). Mediterranean; Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland (to lower montane).
Chalciope mygdon Cramer (p. 72). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Disturbed and open habitats.
Trigonodes hyppasia Cramer (p. 73). Old World tropics and subtropics. Disturbed and secondary forest and cultivation in the lowlands and lower montane zone.
Trigonodes cephise Cramer (p. 74). Indo-Australian tropics. No precise habitat data [lowland].
Mocis undata Fabricius (p. 75). African and Oriental tropics. Open habitat, cultivation and disturbed forest from lowlands to lower montane zone.
Mocis frugalis Fabricius (p. 77). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. Cultivation and disturbed forest from lowlands to lower montane zone.
Oxyodes scrobiculata Fabricius (p. 78). Indo-Australian tropics. Disturbed and cultivated habitats from lowlands to upper montane zone.
Rectipalpula billeti Joannis (p. 80). N. India to Sundaland and Sulawesi. Forested to cultivated habitats from lowlands to upper montane zone.

Tribe ERCHEIINI (5 species)

Ercheia kebea Bethune-Baker (p. 81). Thailand, Sundaland* to Queensland and Fiji. [Lowland forest].
Ercheia multilinea Swinhoe (p. 81). Sundaland, Wallacea, Seram. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Ercheia cyllaria Cramer (p.82). Oriental tropics to Sundaland; Seram Kei. Lowland to upper montane forest, including disturbed forest.
Ercheia pulchrivenula Gaede (p. 83). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Ercheia pulchrivena Walker (p. 83). Sundaland*. Lowland (to upper montane forest).

Tribe CATEPHIINI (3 species)

Catephia linteola Guenée (p. 85). Old World tropics. [Lowland forest].
Catephia runa Swinhoe (p. 86). Sundaland**. [Lowland].
Paranagia rufostrigata Bethune-Baker (p. 87). Borneo, Sulawesi, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Lowland (including disturbed) forest.

The Serrodes Guenée group (18 species)

Serrodes campana Guenée (p. 88). Indo-Australian tropics. [Upper montane forest].
“Serrodes” caesia Warren (p. 89). Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Lowland forest.
Avatha discolor Fabricius (p. 91). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. [Upper montane].
Avatha noctuoides Guenée (p. 91). India, Burma, Andamans, Sundaland. [Lowland plantation].
Avatha gertae Kobes (p. 92). Sundaland*. Lowland forest.
Avatha sumatrana Kobes (p. 92). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Avatha simplex Roepke (p. 93). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Avatha bubo Geyer (p. 93). Oriental tropics, Sulawesi, Seram. Lowland (including cultivated) habitats.
Avatha garthei Kobes (p. 94). Sundaland*, N.E. India. [Lowland, upper montane].
Avatha tepescens Walker (p. 94). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Avatha tepescoides sp. n. (p. 94). Endemic. Lowland and montane forest.
Avatha pulcherrima Butler (p. 95). Sundaland, New Guinea. Lowland to lower (and upper) montane forest.
Avatha pulchrior sp. n. (p. 95). Sundaland, Thailand, Andamans, Sulawesi. Disturbed lowland (and lower montane) forest.
Avatha uloptera Prout (p. 96). Thailand, Sundaland. Montane forest.
Avatha rufiscripta Hampson (p. 96). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Avatha complens Walker (p. 96). N.E. Himalaya, to Solomons. [Lowland heath and lower montane forest].
Avatha heterographa Hampson (p. 97). Burma, Sundaland*. (Lower) to upper montane forest.
Anereuthina renosa Hübner (p. 98). Burma, Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland and lower montane forest.

Tribe TOXOCAMPINI (2 species)

Pantydia metaspila Walker (p. 100). Indo-Australian tropics. [Lowland to lower montane; disturbed habitats].
“Pantydia” metaphaea Hampson (p. 100). Sri Lanka, Sundaland*, Philippines, Queensland. [Lowland, upper montane].

Tribe PANDESMINI (2 species)

Pandesma quenavadi Guenée (p. 102). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Japan, Queensland. Lowland secondary, coastal and plantation forest.
Polydesma boarmoides Guenée (p. 104). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. [Lowland plantation forest].

Tribe PERICYMINI (1 species)

Pericyma cruegeri Butler (p. 105). Indo-Australian tropics from China to Sundaland, New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland to upper montane forest.

Tribe OMMATOPHORINI (1 species)

Ommatophora luminosa Cramer (p. 107). Himalaya and Taiwan to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.

Tribe HULODINI (19 species)

Hulodes caranea Cramer (p. 108). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane.
Hulodes donata Schultze (p. 109). Sundaland to New Guinea and Australia. Lowland to upper montane.
Lacera noctilio Fabricius (p. 111). Indo-Australian tropics to Samoa. [Lowland].
Lacera nyarlathotepi Zilli & Holloway (p. 111). Endemic. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Lacera uniformis Holloway (p. 112). Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and Vanuatu. [Lowland and hill forest].
Speiredonia obscura Cramer (p.114). Indo-Australian tropics to N. Australia and New Caledonia. No precise habitat data.
Speiredonia sandokana Zilli & Holloway (p. 114). Sundaland. [Upper montane forest].
Speiredonia alix Guenée (p. 114). India, Andamans, Sundaland, Sumbawa, Seram, New Guinea. Lowland forest.
Speiredonia ibanorum Holloway & Zilli (p. 115). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Speiredonia hogenesi Zilli (p. 115). Sundaland. [Lowland to montane forest].
Speiredonia mutabilis Fabricius (p. 115). Indo-Australian tropics east to Tonga. [Upper montane].
Ericeia elongata Prout (p. 117). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland forest.
Ericeia amanda Walker (p. 117). Sundaland. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Ericeia inangulata Guenée (p. 118). Indo-Australian tropics to New Caledonia and Fiji. Forest from lowlands to Radio Sabah zone.
Ericeia rectifascia Prout (p. 119). Sundaland. Montane forest.
Ericeia sobria Walker (p. 119). Queensland, New Guinea, Kei Is., Borneo. [Lowland].
Ericeia pertendens Walker (p. 120). Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons. [Lowland forest].
Ericeia korintjiensis Prout (p. 120). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Ericeia eriophora Guenée (p. 121). Oriental tropics. Forests from lowlands to Radio Sabah zone

Tribe AMPHIGONIINI (2 species)

Amphigonia hepatizans Guenée (p. 122). Oriental tropics. Lowland (including secondary) to upper montane forests.
Amphigonia motisigna Prout (p. 122). Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland forest, including logged and secondary forest.

Tribe TINOLIINI (2 species)

Calesia transvestita sp. n. (p. 124). Endemic. [Lowland plantation].
Tinolius sundensis Hampson (p. 125). Lesser Sundas, Pulo Laut, Sulawesi. [Lowland].

Tribe HYPOPYRINI (5 species)

Hypopyra pudens Walker (p. 127). Oriental tropics, Japan. Lowland to lower montane forest, including plantations.
Hypopyra pallidigera sp. n. (p. 128). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Hypopyra ossigeroides sp. n. (p. 128). Sundaland*. [Montane].
Hypopyra lactipex Hampson (p. 129). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Hexamitoptera lawinda Pagenstecher (p. 130). Sundaland. Lowland forest.

Miscellaneous Genera I (42 species)

Erygia apicalis Guenée (p. 131). Japan, Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons and Queensland. Lowlands, lower montane (to upper montane) forest.
Erygia spissa Guenée (p. 132). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane forests.
Erygia precedens Walker (p. 133). Indo-Australian tropics to Samoa. [Lowland].
Erygia antecedens Walker (p. 133). Sundaland. [Lowland to upper montane forest].
Anisoneura aluco Fabricius (p.134). Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland, Buru. Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone.
Anisoneura salebrosa Guenée (p. 134). N.E. Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Ischyja anna Swinhoe (p. 136). Borneo, Singapore. [Lowland].
Ischyja hagenii Snellen (p. 137). Thailand, Sundaland, Lombok. [Lowland to Radio Sabah zone].
Ischyja ferrifracta Walker (p. 137). India, Hainan, Thailand, Japan, Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. [Lowland].
Ischyja inferna Swinhoe (p. 137). Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland (to upper montane).
Ischyja manlioides Prout (p. 138). Sundaland. [Lower montane].
Ischyja manlia Cramer (p. 138). Oriental tropics and S. Moluccas. [Lowland to montane].
Ischyja marapok sp. n. (p. 139). Indian Subregion to Sundaland and Philippines. [Lowland to montane].
Ischyja subreducta sp. n. (p. 140). Endemic. [Lowland to montane].
Ischyja gynnis Prout (p. 140). Sundaland*. No precise habitat data.
Ischyja hemiphaea Hampson (p. 141). Oriental tropics. Lowland to upper montane forests.
Ischyja paraplesius Rothschild (p. 141). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forests.
Platyja umminia Cramer (p. 143). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Platyja minutipuncta Swinhoe (p. 143). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Lowland to) montane forest.
Platyja sumatrana Felder (p. 143). Sundaland. [Lowland to montane].
Platyja ciacula Swinhoe (p. 144). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. [Lowland plantation and montane forest].
Platyja umbrina Doubleday (p. 144). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane) forest.
Platyja acerces Prout (p. 145). Taiwan, Sundaland. Montane forest.
Platyja silvani Zilli (p. 145). Endemic. [Montane forest].
Sympis rufibasis Guenée (p. 146). Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and the Solomons. Lowlands to upper montane zone in forests and disturbed and cultivated areas.
Sarobacala albopunctata Semper (p. 147). Sundaland, Wallacea. [Lowland to upper montane].
Papuacola albisigillata Warren (p. 148). Sundaland*, Sulawesi, New Guinea. [Lowland forest].
Papuacola gemina Fabricius (p. 148). Indian Subregion, Sundaland, Sulawesi, New Guinea. [Lowland forest].
Papuacola costalis Moore (p. 149). Sundaland to Samoa. [Lowland].
Bamra albicola Walker (p. 150). Oriental tropics. [Lowlands (to upper montane)].
Dordura aliena Moore (p. 151). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, New Guinea. Lowlands to upper montane zone in both forested and cultivated areas.
Varicosia venata Hampson (p.152). Sri Lanka, Java, Borneo. [Lowland].
Varicosia clavifera Prout (p. 152). Endemic. [Montane].
Pilipectus cyclopis Hampson (p. 153). Oriental tropics. [Lowlands].
Cephena costata Moore (p. 154). Himalaya, Taiwan, Thailand, Sundaland. [Upper montane].
Cephena sundana sp. n. (p. 155). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Fodina sumatrensis Prout (p. 156). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Brontypena ochrocuprea Pagenstecher (p. 157). Sundaland. [Lowland, upper montane forests].
Corcobara angulipennis Moore (p. 158). Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons.
Thoracolophotos albilimitata Hampson (p. 159). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Mesosciera orientalis Hampson (p. 159). Sundaland. [Lowland forest and open habitats].
Cryptastria fuscomarginata Bethune-Baker (p. 160). N.E. Himalaya to Bismarck Is. [Lowland and lower montane].

Tribe EREBINI (6 species)

Erebus hieroglyphica Drury (p. 162). Oriental tropics. Lowland to lower montane forests and plantations.
Erebus caprimulgus Fabricius (p. 163). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland (to montane) forests.
Erebus ephesperis Hübner (p. 163). Japan, Oriental tropics to Sundaland and Lesser Sundas. Lowland forest.
Erebus gemmans Guenée (p. 164). Himalaya, Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Sundaland*. Upper montane forest.
Erebus macrops Linnaeus (p. 165). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Upper montane].
Lygniodes schoenbergi Pagenstecher (p. 166). Endemic. Lowland forest.

Tribe HYPOCALINI (4 species)

Hypocala andamana Wileman (p. 168). Oriental tropics. Lowland to Upper montane.
Hypocala deflorata Fabricius (p. 168). Old World tropics. [Upper montane].
Hypocala violacea Butler (p. 169). Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Hypocala subsatura Guenée (p. 170). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.

Tribe SYPNINI (21 species)

Sypna albilinea Walker (p. 172). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Sypna persubsignata sp. n. (p. 172). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Sypna martina Felder (p. 173). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland. Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone.
Sypna subrotunda Prout (p. 173). Sundaland*. Forests between lower montane and Radio Sabah zones.
Sypna anisomeris Prout (p. 174). Endemic. Upper montane forest.
Sypna rholatinum Prout (p. 174). Endemic. (Lower to) upper montane forest.
Sypna coelisparsa Walker (p. 174). Sundaland. [Lowland and montane forest].
Sypna brandti Kobes (p. 174). Sundaland*. [Montane forest].
Sypnoides pannosa Moore (p. 175). Himalaya, Sundaland*. Forest and cultivation in lower montane zones.
Sypnoides infernalis Berio (p. 176). Endemic. (Lowland to) lower montane forest.
Sypnoides parva Berio (p. 176). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Hypersypnoides subolivacea Walker (p. 177). Sundaland*. [Lowland].
Hypersypnoides fenella Swinhoe (p. 178). Endemic. Upper montane.
Hypersypnoides submarginata Walker (p. 178). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Upper montane forest.
Hypersypnoides borneensis Berio (p. 179). Sundaland*. [Montane].
Hypersypnoides kinabaluensis sp. n. (p. 179). Endemic (G. Kinabalu only). Upper montane.
Daddala lucilla Butler (p. 180). Oriental tropics to New Guinea. Lower montane forest to Radio Sabah zone.
Daddala brevicauda Wileman & South (p. 181). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Wallacea and Seram. Lowland, lower (and upper) montane forest.
Daddala microdesma Prout (p. 181). Sundaland. Montane forest.
Daddala quadrisignata Prout (p. 182).Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Pterocyclophora ridleyi Hampson (p. 183). Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland (including secondary) forest, (upper montane).

Miscellaneous Genera II (51 species)

Ugia disjungens Walker (p. 184). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Ugia signifera Walker (p. 184). Sundaland. Lowland forest, disturbed areas and coastal habitats.
Ugia sundana Hampson (p. 185). Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Ugia eugrapha Swinhoe (p. 185). Thailand, Sundaland. [Lowland (and lower montane) forest].
Ugia viridior sp. n. (p. 186). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
“Ugia” serrilinea Hampson (p. 186). Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Heterospila fulgurea Guenée (p. 187). N.E. Himalaya, Hainan, Thailand, Sundaland. [Lowland to lower montane].
Heterospila nigripalpis Walker (p. 188). India, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Hill forest at 900m].
Lutzugia trigonalis Kobes (p. 188). Sundaland*. Lowland forest.
Avitta discipuncta Felder & Rogenhofer (p. 190). Indo-Australian tropics from Himalaya to Solomons. Lowland.
Avitta guttulosa Swinhoe (p. 190). Thailand, Sundaland**. Lowland forest.
Avitta fasciosa Moore (p. 190). N.E. Himalaya, Japan, Sundaland. Montane forest.
Avitta beta sp. n. (p. 191). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Avitta flavicilia Holloway (p. 191). Sundaland. (Lowland to) lower montane forest.
Avitta bracteola Holloway (p. 191). Thailand, Sundaland*. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Avitta surrigens Walker (p. 192). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. [Lowland].
Avitta ochromarginata Pagenstecher (p. 192). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Undatavitta shayleenae sp. n. (p. 193). Sundaland*. [Lowland and upper montane forest].
Asta quadrilinea Walker (p. 194). Indian Subregion, Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Asta subnigra sp. n. (p. 195). India, Sundaland*. Lowlands to upper montane forest.
Pantura ophiusalis Walker (p. 196). Japan, Indo-Australian tropics to Fiji and New Caledonia. [Lowland forest].
Pantura rufifrons Moore (p. 196). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland to montane forest.
Heoeugorna ochrovittata Pagenstecher (p. 197). Sundaland. [Lowland].
“Heoeugorna” flavicincta Hampson (p. 197). Sundaland. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Chrysopera combinans Walker (p. 198). Indo-Australian tropics to Fiji. Lowland forest.
Bocula caradrinoides Guenée (p. 200). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Bocula sejuncta Walker (p. 200). Indian Subregion to New Guinea and Queensland. [Lowland to montane].
Bocula hedleyi sp. n. (p. 201). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Bocula samarinda sp. n. (p.202). Endemic. [Lowland].
Bocula xanthostola Hampson (p. 202). Sri Lanka, Sundaland. [Lower montane].
Bocula obscurostola sp. n. (p. 202). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Bocula inconclusa Walker (p. 203). Borneo, Burma. ?Disturbed or cultivated lowland habitats.
Bocula diasticta Hampson (p. 203). Endemic. [Coastal, including mangrove].
Bocula quadrilineata Walker (p. 203). Endemic. [Lowland to montane].
Bocula bifaria Walker (p. 204). Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland forest (to upper montane).
Bocula tuhanensis Holloway (p. 204). Endemic. Lowland forest including plantation.
Bocula calthula Swinhoe (p. 204). Borneo, ?Philippines. No precise habitat data.
Bocula nigrinsula sp. n. (p. 205). Endemic. [Coastal].
Bocula divergens Prout (p. 205). Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland and lower montane forest.
Bocula anticlina sp. n. (p. 205). Endemic. [Lowland].
Marcillada endopolia Hampson (p. 206). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Batracharta nigritogata Prout (p. 207). Sundaland**, Sulawesi. [Lowland].
Batracharta divisa Wileman (p. 208). Taiwan, Thailand, Sundaland**, Sulawesi. [Disturbed lowland forest].
Batracharta obliqua Walker (p. 208). Indian Subregion, Thailand, Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland.
Batracharta cossoides Walker (p. 208). Sundaland*, Sulawesi. Lowland.
Batracharta proutae sp. n. (p. 209). Sundaland*. [Lowland to lower montane].
Batracharta lempkei
Kobes (p. 209). Thailand, Sundaland*, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Phorica phasipennis Walker (p. 210). India, Sundaland. [Lowland].
Hyperlopha flavipennis Holloway (p. 211). Sundaland**. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Hyperlopha crucifera sp. n. (p. 212). Endemic. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Hyperlopha discontenta Walker (p. 213). Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane) forest.

Tribe SCOLIOPTERYGINI (34 species)

Ossonoba torpida Walker (p. 215). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Falana sordida Moore (p. 216). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Falana bilineata sp. n. (p. 216). Endemic. Lowland [to upper montane].
Savara anomioides Walker (p. 218). Sundaland, New Guinea, Solomons. Lowland to montane.
Savara contraria Walker (p. 218). Sundaland**. [Lowland to montane].
Savara pallidapex sp. n. (p. 219). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, New Guinea. Lowland to montane.
Savara latimargo Walker (p. 220). Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and Solomons. [Lowland].
Savara biradulata sp. n. (p. 221). Endemic. [Lower montane].
“Anomis” albipunctula Hampson (p. 223). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane, including disturbed and cultivated areas.
“Anomis” cupienda Swinhoe (p. 224). Sundaland*, New Guinea. Lower to upper montane forest.
“Anomis” discisigna Hampson (p. 224). Himalaya, Borneo, New Guinea. [Lowland and lower montane forest on limestone].
Rusicada nigritarsis Walker (p. 231). Indo-Australian tropics to Samoa. [Coastal vegetation].
Rusicada revocans Walker (p. 232). Borneo to Queensland, Fiji and New Caledonia. [Lowland to lower montane open and disturbed habitats].
Rusicada combinans Walker (p. 232). Oriental tropics to Philippines. [Lowland].
Rusicada prima Swinhoe (p. 233). India to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Rusicada leucolopha Prout (p. 233). N.E. Himalaya to Japan and Sundaland*. Lower and upper montane forest.
Rusicada albitibia Walker (p. 234). Japan, Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and the Solomons. [Lowland].
Cosmophila flava Fabricius (p. 235). Pantropical. [Lowland forest and secondary vegetation].
Cosmophila lyona Swinhoe (p. 236). Indo-Australian tropics to Australia and New Caledonia. [Lowland].
Cosmophila scitipennis Walker (p. 236). Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi, New Guinea. Lowland forest.
Cosmophila guttanivis Walker (p. 236). Indian Subregion to Sundaland. [Lowland].
Gonitis involuta Walker (p. 237). Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. [Hill forest].
Gonitis sumatrana Swinhoe (p. 238). Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane including secondary forest.
Gonitis mesogona Walker (p. 238). Japan, Oriental tropics to Sundaland. [Montane: disturbed forest and cultivation].
Lineopalpa horsfieldi Guenée (p. 239). N.E. Himalaya to New Guinea. Lower montane forest to Radio Sabah zone.
Lineopalpa orsara Swinhoe (p. 240). Borneo, Wallacea, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Upper montane to Radio Sabah zone.
Lineopalpa birena Holloway (p. 240). Sundaland*. Lower and upper montane forest.
Lineopalpa dealbata Prout (p. 240). Sundaland, Sulawesi, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. [Montane forest].
Arthisma scissuralis Moore (p. 241). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. [Lowland to upper montane].
Arthisma rectilinea Roepke (p. 242). Sundaland. Lowland (including plantation and secondary) to upper montane forest.
Arthisma amisa Swinhoe (p. 242). Sundaland*. [Disturbed lowland forest].
Dinumma combusta Walker (p. 243). Sundaland. Lowland, lower (and upper) montane forests.
Dinumma spiculata sp. n. (p. 244). Endemic. Lowland (to lower montane).
Dinumma oxygrapha Snellen (p. 245). Wallacea, Sundaland**, Lesser Sundas. Lowland.

Tribe CALPINI (16 species)

Calyptra minuticornis Guenée (p. 247). Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and Bismarcks. [Lowland and lower montane; disturbed and cultivated habitats].
Oraesia emarginata Fabricius (p. 249). Oriental tropics to Borneo and Wallacea. [Lowland to montane forest with cultivation and disturbance].
Plusiodonta calcaurea sp. n. (p. 251). Sundaland**. Montane forest on limestone.
Plusiodonta wahri sp. n. (p. 252). Endemic. [Lowland].
Eudocima salaminia Cramer (p. 254). Indo-Australian tropics to Samoa. [Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone].
Eudocima dividens Walker (p. 255). Sundaland, Wallacea. [Lowland, upper montane forest].
Eudocima cocalus Cramer (p. 255). N.E. Himalaya to Australia and Solomons. [Lowland forest].
Eudocima discrepans Walker (p. 256). N.E. Himalaya and W. China to Sundaland. [Lowland, upper montane and Radio Sabah zones].
Eudocima sikhimensis Butler (p. 256). Indian Subregion to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Eudocima aurantia Moore (p. 257). Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons and Queensland. Lowland to upper montane.
Eudocima phalonia Linnaeus [fullonia Clerck] (p. 257). Old World tropics and subtropics. Lowlands to Radio Sabah zone (through hill-topping?)
Eudocima srivijayana Bänziger (p. 259). Sundaland, Lesser Sundas, Wallacea. Lowland to upper montane.
Eudocima homaena Hübner (p. 260). Oriental tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Eudocima smaragdipicta Walker (p. 260). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Eudocima kinabaluensis Feige (p. 260). Endemic. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Eudocima mionopastea Hampson (p. 261). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.

Tribe PHYLLODINI (3 species)

Phyllodes eyndhovii Vollenhoven (p. 263). Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland. [Cultivation in lower montane forest].
Phyllodes staudingeri Semper (p. 263). Sundaland, Philippines, New Guinea. [Lowland and upper montane forest].
Phyllodes verhuelli Vollenhoven (p. 263). Sundaland, Philippines. [Lowland to upper montane].

Miscellaneous Genera III (14 species)

Hypospila bolinoides Guenée (p. 265). Japan, Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland to upper montane.
Tochara creberrima Walker (p. 266). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Australia. Lowland (to upper montane).
Tochara olivacea sp. n. (p. 267). Endemic. (Lowland) to montane.
Hamodes propitia Guérin-Méneville (p. 268). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Philippines to Queensland and Solomons. Lowland to upper montane.
Hamodes lutea Walker (p. 269). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to montane forest.
Hamodes pendleburyi Prout (p. 269). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Delgamma pangonia Guenée (p. 270). W. Africa, Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and Queensland. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Armana nigraericta Swinhoe (p. 271). N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Sundaland, Philippines. [Lowland].
Homodes crocea Guenée (p. 273). Indo-Australian tropics to Bismarck Is. [Lowland, including mangrove, to montane].
Homodes vivida Guenée (p. 273). Indian Subregion to Borneo and Sulawesi. [Hill forest].
Homodes lassula Prout (p. 274). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Homodes muluensis sp. n. (p. 274). Endemic. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Homodes perilitha Hampson (p. 274). S. India, Borneo, Philippines, ?S. Moluccas. [Lowland (including disturbed) forest].
Homodes bracteigutta Walker (p. 274). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea and N. Australia. [Lowland].

Tribe ANOBINI (11 species)

Anoba pectinata Hampson (p. 276). Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Anoba rigida Swinhoe (p. 277). Sundaland. Lowlands, both in forested and open habitats.
“Anoba” kerangatis sp. n. (p. 277). Endemic. [Wet lowland heath forest].
Tephriopis divulsa Walker (p. 278). Indian Subregion to Andamans, Borneo, Sulawesi. Lowland (including disturbed coastal) forest.
Crithote horridipes Walker (p. 279). Sundaland, ?Vietnam. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Crithote pallivaga sp. n. (p. 280). N.E. Himalaya, S. China, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Crithote pannicula Swinhoe (p. 280). Borneo, Philippines. [Lowland, ?coastal].
Plecoptera nebulilinea Walker (p. 282). Sundaland**. Lowland (including disturbed) forest.
Plecoptera quaesita Swinhoe (p. 282). Indian Subregion, Burma, Andamans, Borneo, N. Moluccas, Australia. No precise habitat data.
Plecoptera violacea Pagenstecher (p. 282). Sundaland to New Caledonia and Fiji. [Coastal habitats].
Plecoptera recta Pagenstecher (p. 283). S. India, Thailand, Sundaland**, Seram. Lowland to upper montane.

Miscellaneous Genera IV (12 species)

Thalatta holortha Hampson (p. 284). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Thalatta argentipuncta Kobes (p. 284). Sundaland*. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Malagonia sundana sp. n. (p. 285). Sundaland*. [Lowland].
Malatrogia castanitis Hampson (p. 286). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. [Lower montane forest].
Xanthanomis fuscifrons Walker (p. 287). Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane, including disturbed habitats.
Xanthanomis vomeroi Holloway & Zilli sp. n. (p. 287). Sundaland. [ Lowland to montane forest, often with disturbance].
Xanthanomis xanthina Holloway & Zilli sp. n. (p. 288). Sundaland, Thailand. [Lowland].
Goniophila excavata Swinhoe (p. 289). Sundaland. Lowland, particularly disturbed coastal, forest.
“Goniophila” ashleyi sp. n. (p. 289). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
“Goniophila” niphosticha Hampson (p. 289). S.E. Asia, Borneo. [Upper montane forest].
Lycimna polymesata Walker (p. 290). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. [Lowland and lower montane].
Chilkasa falcata Swinhoe (p. 291). Indian Subregion to Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland to upper montane forest.

Episparis group of genera (14 species)

Episparis monochroma Hampson (p. 294). Endemic. [?Lowland].
Episparis costistriga Walker (p. 294). Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland (including secondary and plantation) forest (to upper montane).
Episparis exprimens Walker (p. 295). Oriental tropics, Seram. Lowland (including disturbed and secondary) forest.
Episparis minima Pelletier (p. 295). Endemic. [Lowland].
Claterna cydonia Walker (p. 296). Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. Lowland forest.
Bematha extensa Walker (p. 297). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland and Philippines; ?Sulawesi and New Guinea. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Gespanna pectoralis Walker (p. 298). Sundaland. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Taviodes fulvescens Hampson (p. 298). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Masca abactalis Walker (p. 299). Burma, Sundaland to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane in forested and disturbed habitats.
Focillistis sita Felder & Rogenhofer (p. 300). Sundaland*, Sulawesi. Lowland.
Egnasia overdijkinki Prout (p. 301). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Egnasia distorta Swinhoe (p. 302). Sundaland*. Lowland forest.
“Egnasia” sundana Kobes (p. 302). Sundaland*, Thailand. Lowland forest.
“Egnasia” conifer Hampson (p. 302). Philippines, Sundaland*, Thailand. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.

Throana group of genera (12 species)

Throana callista Prout (p. 304). Endemic. Lower and upper montane forest.
Throana klossi Prout (p. 305). Sundaland**. Lowland forest.
Throana flavizonata Prout (p. 305). Sundaland**. [Lowland].
Throana rufipicta Hampson (p. 305). Endemic. [Lowland].
Throana amyntoralis Walker (p. 305). Borneo, Singapore. [Lowland forest].
Throana ionodes Hampson (p. 306). Endemic. [Lowland].
Throana lasiocera Hampson (p. 306). Singapore, Borneo. Lowland forest, including coastal forest.
Margana ?tenuilinea Swinhoe (p. 307). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Microselene mesostipa Hampson (p. 308). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**. [Lowland].
Microselene mopsa Swinhoe (p. 308). N.E. Himalaya to Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Borneo. [Lowland forest].
“Nagadeba” celenoalis Walker (p. 309). Sundaland*. Lowland forest, including coastal and disturbed areas.
“Nagadeba” geminipuncta Hampson (p. 310). Endemic. [Lowland].

Miscellaneous Genera V (21 species)

Poliofoca gebenna Swinhoe (p. 311). Thailand, Sundaland, Philippines. [Lowland forest, some logged].
Vestura minereusalis Walker (p. 312). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland forests, disturbed habitats, and cultivated areas.
Gracillina prosthenia Hampson (p. 312). S. Thailand, Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Thyrostipa sphaeriphora Moore (p. 313). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland. [Upper montane forest].
Cultripalpa partita Guenée (p. 314). India, Borneo, Philippines; possibly further east. [?Coastal].
Cultripalpa lunulifera Hampson (p. 314). Sundaland**; possibly further east. [Lowland and montane forest].
Pleurona falcata Walker (p. 315). India, Burma, Thailand, Andamans, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Psimada quadripennis Walker (p. 316). Oriental tropics, Seram. Lowland.
Psimada hybrida Prout (p. 317). Sundaland, Thailand. No precise habitat data.
Mecodina lanceola Guenée (p. 318). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Mecodina leucosticta Hampson (p. 319). Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Mecodina albodentata Swinhoe (p. 319). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Mecodina violacea sp. n. (p. 319). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Mecodina praecipua Walker (p. 320). Indo-Australian tropics to Bismarcks and Queensland. Lowland forest.
Mecodina bisignata Walker (p. 321). Indo-Australian tropics to Bismarcks and Queensland. [Lowland].
Mecodina viridacea sp. n. (p. 321). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Mecodina diastriga Hampson (p. 322). Sundaland. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Mecodina poaphiloides Walker (p. 322). Sundaland, Thailand. [Lowland].
Hyposemansis singha Guenée (p. 323). N.E. Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland. Lowland forest.
“Hyposemansis” volvapex Kobes (p. 323). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Chrysograpta igneola Swinhoe (p. 324). Burma, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].

Tribe PANGRAPTINI (22 species)

Pangrapta shivula Guenée (p. 326). Indo-Australian tropics. [Lowland].
Pangrapta lasiophora Hampson (p. 326). Sundaland*. Lowland forest.
Pangrapta albiseriata Hampson (p. 327). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Pangrapta albiscripta sp. n. (p. 327). Endemic. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Pangrapta philemonalis Walker (p. 328). Endemic. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Pangrapta macariana Hampson (p. 328). Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane forest.
Pangrapta athemonalis Walker (p. 329). Sundaland*. [Lowland].
Pangrapta holophaea Hampson (p. 329). Sundaland**. [Lowland].
Pangrapta viridigrisea sp. n. (p. 329). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Pangrapta meander sp. n. (p. 330). Sundaland**. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Pangrapta elopura sp. n. (p. 330). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Pangrapta metagona Walker (p. 331). Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland to lower montane.
Pangrapta paragona sp. n. (p. 331). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland forest.
Pangrapta sublineata sp. n. (p. 332). N.E. Himalaya, Vietnam, Sundaland*. [Lowland].
Pangrapta pannosoides sp. n. (p. 332). Borneo, Java. Montane forest.
Pangrapta chilana Swinhoe (p. 333). Sundaland*. [Lower montane].
Pangrapta aviusalis Walker (p. 333). Sundaland. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Pangrapta parsimonalis Walker (p. 334). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane forest.
Pangrapta hylaxalis Walker (p. 334). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane forest.
Pangrapta viridentata sp. n. (p. 335). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Pangrapta poetoides sp. n. (p. 335). Endemic. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Pangrapta hyriona Hampson (p. 336). Endemic. [Lowland].

The Saroba group of genera (74 species)

Attonda adspersa Felder & Rogenhofer (p. 338). Sundaland, Sulawesi, New Guinea, Solomons. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Singara diversalis Walker (p. 339). N.E. Himalaya, S. China, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Montane].
Sarobides inconclusa Walker (p. 340). N.E. Himalaya to Solomons. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Saroba pustulifera Walker (p. 340). Indian Subregion to S. China and Sundaland, Sulawesi. [Lowland].
“Saroba” pansa Swinhoe (p. 341). Sundaland. [Lowland to montane].
“Saroba” flavipicta Hampson (p. 341). Sundaland*. [Lowland].
“Saroba” maculicosta Walker (p. 341). Indo-Australian tropics to Bismarcks. Lowland to upper montane.
“Saroba” ceylonica Walker (p. 342). Indian Subregion to Sundaland. [Lowland to montane forest].
“Saroba” pilosa sp. n. (p. 342). Endemic. Upper montane forest.
“Saroba” ochreisparsa Hampson (p. 343). N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Borneo. [Lowland].
“Saroba” antecedens Walker (p. 343). Sundaland*, Thailand, N.E. Himalaya. [Lowland forest].
Trichoblemma badia Swinhoe (p. 344). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Condate pseudohypenoides sp. n. (p. 345). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Condate orsilla Swinhoe (p. 346). Sundaland, Philippines. [Lowland to lower montane].
Condate rectiorsilla sp. n. (p. 346). Endemic. Lowland to lower montane forest on limestone, (upper montane).
Condate nabalua Holloway (p. 347). Endemic. [Lower and upper montane forest].
Condate angulina Guenée (p. 347). Oriental tropics to Sundaland**. [Lowland].
Mesasteria sanguilinea Hampson (p. 348). Endemic. [Lowland].
Tiruvaca subcostalis Walker (p. 348). Sundaland to Solomons. Lowland forest and cultivated areas.
Tiruvaca hollowayi Kobes (p. 349). Sundaland*. [Lowland to montane forests].
Lopharthrum comprimens Walker (p. 350). Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons. [Lowland and lower montane].
Tropidtamba lepraota Hampson (p. 350). Indo-Australian tropics to Solomons and Australia. Lowland habitats from forest to cultivation.
Tamba submicacea Walker (p. 352). India, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Tamba ochra Prout (p. 352). Sundaland**, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Tamba euryodia Prout (p. 352). Sundaland, Thailand. [Lowland forest].
Tamba hemiionia Hampson (p. 352). Sundaland. [Lowland].
Tamba sidonalis Swinhoe (p. 353). Sundaland, Thailand. [Lowland].
Tamba nigrilinea Walker (p. 353). Indian Subregion, Andamans, Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Tamba capatra Swinhoe (p. 354). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Tamba sobana Kobes (p. 354). Sundaland*. [Lowland].
Tamba bartelsi Kobes (p. 354). Sundaland*, Thailand. [Lowland forest].
Tamba walshae sp. n. (p. 355). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Tamba delicata Prout (p. 355). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Tamba basiscripta Walker (p. 356). Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland forest.
Tamba coeruleobasis Kobes (p. 356). Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
Tamba cosmoloma Prout (p. 356). Sundaland, Thailand, Sulawesi. Lowland and disturbed forest.
Tamba mnionomera Hampson (p. 357). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland.
Tamba lala Swinhoe (p. 357). Sundaland**. Lowland forest.
Tamba lahera Swinhoe (p. 357). Sundaland, Andamans, Thailand, Sulawesi. Lowland to montane forest.
Tamba magniplaga Swinhoe (p. 358). Sundaland, Wallacea to Solomons. Lowland forest.
Tamba pallidiplaga Swinhoe (p. 358). Sundaland, Thailand. [Lowland forest].
Tamba cautiperas Hampson (p. 358). Sri Lanka, Hainan, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest, some disturbed.
Tamba diaphora Prout (p. 359). Vietnam, Thailand, Sundaland*, Seram. [Lowland forest].
Tamba andrica Prout (p. 359). Sundaland**. [Lowland forest].
Tamba ionomera Hampson (p. 359). Sundaland, Philippines [Lowland forest].
Tamba carneotincta Hampson (p. 359). Sundaland. [Lowland heath forest].
Tamba rufipennis Hampson (p. 360). Bhutan, Borneo. [Lowland forest].
Tamba occidinawa sp. n. (p. 360). Sundaland*, Sulawesi, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Tamba apicata Hampson (p. 361). N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Thailand, Borneo. [Lower montane forest].
“Tamba” dichroma Prout (p. 361). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Tipasa nebulosella Walker (p. 362). Sri Lanka, Borneo. [Lowland].
Tipasa renalis Moore (p. 362). Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Borneo. [Lowland forest].
“Tipasa” eubapta Hampson (p. 362). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
“Tipasa” obliquiflava sp. n. (p. 363). Borneo, Thailand. [Disturbed lowland forest].
“Tipasa” ferripunctum Walker (p. 363). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Parolulis olivescoides sp. n. (p. 364). Endemic. Lowland.
Parolulis grisescens sp. n. (p. 365). Endemic. [Lowland].
Parolulis absimilis Hampson (p. 365). N.E. Himalaya, Borneo. Lower montane forest.
Parolulis murudensis Prout (p. 366). Endemic. [Upper montane forest].
Olulis puncticinctalis Walker (p. 366). Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Andamans, Sundaland**. [Lowland].
“Olulis” megalopis Hampson (p. 367). Thailand, Sundaland. [Lowland forest].
“Olulis” subrosea Turner (p. 367). Borneo, Sulawesi, Seram, Queensland. [Disturbed lowland swamp forest].
“Olulis” iuga Swinhoe (p. 367). Endemic. Lowland.
“Olulis” sarconia Hampson (p. 368). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Metaphoenia plagifera Walker (p. 368). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Metaphoenia scobinata sp. n. (p. 369). Endemic. [Lowland].
Metaphoenia carneipennis Prout (p. 369). Sundaland**. Lowland to lower montane forest.
Metaphoenia sp. (p. 370). Endemic. [Lowland].
Metaphoenia rectifascia sp. n. (p. 370). Endemic. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Dunira scitula Walker (p. 371). Sri Lanka, Sundaland**. Lowland and lower montane forest.
Dunira obliquilinea Hampson (p. 371). Sundaland, Andamans. Lowland forest.
Dunira calcarea sp. n. (p. 372). Endemic. [Lowland forest on limestone].
Dunira lunapex sp. n. (p. 372). Singapore, Borneo. [Lowland].
“Dunira” rubripunctalis Walker (p. 372). Sri Lanka, Sundaland, New Guinea, Queensland. [Lowland forest].

Tribe BOLETOBIINI (29 species)

Artigisa nigrosignata Walker (p. 375). Indian Subregion, Borneo. [?Lowland].
Drepanorhina shelfordi Swinhoe (p. 376). Endemic. Lowland.
Panilla homospila Hampson (p. 377). Endemic. Lowland.
Panilla poliochroa Hampson (p. 378). Taiwan, Borneo, Philippines. [Lowland].
Panilla nigrinotata Hampson (p. 378). Sundaland**, Philippines. [Lowland forest].
Panilla combusta Hampson (p. 378). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland*. Lowland.
Panilla terminalis Hampson (p. 379). Endemic. Lowland.
Diomea lignicolora Walker (p. 380). Indian Subregion, Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Diomea eupsema Swinhoe (p. 381). Sundaland**, Thailand. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Diomea nigrisuffusa sp. n. (p. 381). Borneo, Sulawesi. [Lower montane forest].
Diomea rotundata Walker (p. 381). Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Sundaland*, Philippines, Sumba. [Lowland].
Diomea dialitha Hampson (p. 382). Endemic. Lowland.
Diomea roydsi sp. n. (p. 382). Endemic. [Lowland].
Diomea absorbens Walker (p. 383). Endemic. [Lowland].
Diomea orbifera Walker (p. 383). Sikkim, Borneo. [Lowland forest].
Diomea triangulata sp. n. (p. 383). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Diomea diffusifascia Swinhoe (p. 384). Borneo, ?Philippines. Lowland forest.
Diomea hirdi sp. n. (p. 384). Borneo, Java, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Diomea tricuspida Hampson (p. 385). Endemic. [Lowland].
Diomea garroodi sp. n. (p. 385). Borneo, Bali. [Lowland].
Caduca albopunctata Walker (p. 386). Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Caduca phronimus Rothschild (p. 386). Sundaland*, Thailand. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Veia homopteroides Walker (p. 387). Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland.
Maguda suffusa Walker (p. 388). Borneo, Japan. [Lowland].
Maguda santubong sp. n. (p. 388). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Maguda danum sp. n. (p. 389). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Maguda telisai sp. n. (p. 389). Endemic. [Lowland heath forest].
Maguda immundalis Walker (p. 389). Borneo, Philippines. [Lowland].
Maguda multifasciata Swinhoe (p. 390). Sri Lanka, Burma, Borneo. Lowland.

Miscellaneous Genera VI (94 species)

Platyjionia mediorufa Hampson (p. 391). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. [Lowland to lower montane forest].
Platyjionia sp. n. (p. 391). Sundaland. [Regenerating lowland alluvial forest].
Leptocola marginangulata sp. n. (p. 392). Borneo, Sulawesi. [Lowland and upper montane forest].
Leptocola lunulata sp. n. (p. 392). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Rema costimacula Guenée (p. 393). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Tamsia hieroglyphica Swinhoe (p. 394). N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Pseudosphetta fissisigna Hampson (p. 395). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Pseudosphetta moorei Cotes & Swinhoe (p. 395). Oriental tropics, Seram. [Lower montane forest].
Pseudosphetta umbrosa sp. n. (p. 396). Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Rhynchodina molybdota Hampson (p. 396). Burma, Sundaland*. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Avittonia albidentata Hampson (p. 398). Sundaland**. [Lowland, possibly also montane].
Lithosiopsis rectigramma
Hampson (p. 399). Indo-Australian tropics ?to New Guinea. [Lowland forest].
Lithosiopsis papuana Hampson (p. 400). Borneo, New Guinea, ?Seram. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
“Lithosiopsis” bicoremata sp. n. (p. 400). Endemic. Montane.
Aphypena exhibens Walker (p. 401). N.E. Himalaya, Borneo. [?Lowland].
Aphypena violacea sp. n. (p. 401). Endemic. [Lowland].
Oglasa lagusalis Walker (p. 403). Borneo. Lowland.
Oglasa muluensis sp. n. (p. 403). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Oglasa costimacula Wileman (p. 404). Taiwan, Thailand, Borneo. [Lowland forest].
Oglasa costisignata Hampson (p. 404). Endemic. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Oglasa sordidula Walker (p. 404). Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Oglasa basicomma sp. n. (p. 404). Endemic. Lowland forest.
“Oglasa” pachycnemis Hampson (p. 405). Endemic. [Lowland].
Chorsia picatum Butler (p. 406 & Holloway, 1989: 172). Endemic. [Lowland, lower montane].
Chorsia decolorata Holloway (p. 406 & Holloway, 1989: 172). Endemic. [Lowland, lower montane].
Chorsia albiscripta Hampson (p. 406 & Holloway, 1989: 173). Indian Subregion, Japan, Borneo. [Lowland, lower montane].
Chorsia maculosa Walker (p. 407). Endemic. [Lowland].
Chorsia griffini sp. n. (p. 408). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Chorsia brewini sp. n. (p. 408). Endemic. Lower montane forest on limestone.
Chorsia hemicyclopis Hampson (p. 408). Borneo, Thailand. Lowland (including secondary and disturbed) forest.
Chorsia octosema Hampson (p. 409). Endemic. [Lowland].
Chorsia carjacobsi sp. n. (p. 409). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Chorsia rufitincta Hampson (p. 410). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Chorsia dinglei sp. n. (p. 410). Endemic. [Lowland].
Chorsia kingi sp. n. (p. 410). Endemic. Lowland forest on limestone.
Chorsia colyeri sp. n. (p. 411). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Chorsia greenleavesi sp. n. (p. 411). Endemic. [Lowland to upper montane forest].
Chorsia rogersi sp. n. (p. 412). Endemic. [Lowland heath forest].
Chorsia perversa Walker (p. 412). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Chorsia hemmingi sp. n. (p. 413). Endemic. [Disturbed lowland forest].
Chorsia williamsi sp. n. (p. 413). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Microxyla stipata Walker (p. 414). Indian Subregion, Borneo. [Lowland oil palm plantation].
“Pseudogyrtona” modesta Moore (p. 415). Sri Lanka, Borneo. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.
Barbesola defixa Walker (p. 416). Borneo, Thailand. Lowland (including logged) and lower montane forest.
Radara infundens Walker (p. 417). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. [?Lowland].
Schistorhynx argentistriga Hampson (p. 417). N.E. Himalaya, S. China, Borneo. Montane forest.
Schistorhynx lobata Prout (p. 418). Sundaland**. Lowland forest.
Tathodelta purpurascens Hampson (p. 419). Sri Lanka, India, Borneo, Bali. [Disturbed lowland forest].
Diascia hayesi Holloway (p. 419). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland (to montane) forest.
Cataloxia diagrapta Hampson (p. 420). Borneo, Singapore. [Lowland].
Rhesala imparata Walker (p. 421). Indian Subregion, Singapore, Borneo. [Lowland].
Rhesala nigricans Snellen (p. 422). Borneo, Sulawesi. (Lowland to) upper montane forest.
Rhesala fusiformis sp. n. (p. 423). Borneo, Singapore. Lowland and lower montane forest.
Rhesala falcata sp. n. (p. 423). Endemic. (Lowland to) lower montane forest.
Raparna auropurpurea Pagenstecher (p. 424). Borneo, Nias. [?Lowland open and disturbed habitats].
Poeta quadrinotata Walker (p. 425). Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Poeta denotalis
Walker (p. 426). Sundaland**, ?S. Burma. [Lowland].
Tadaxa lintona Swinhoe (p. 426). Endemic. Lowland.
Gesonia obeditalis Walker (p. 427). E. Africa, Oriental tropics, Australia. Lowland open, cultivated or disturbed habitats.
Gesonia pseudoinscitia sp. n. (p. 428). Endemic. [Lowland open habitats?].
Blasticorhinus decernens Walker (p. 429). Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland disturbed or cultivated areas.
Loxioda dilutalis Snellen (p. 430). Borneo, Java, ?Christmas I. [Lowland disturbed habitats].
Loxioda shumara Swinhoe (p. 431). Endemic. [Lowland].
Loxioda sp. (p. 431). Endemic. [Montane].
“Loxioda” mediofascia Swinhoe (p. 431). Endemic. [Lowland, ?disturbed habitats].
“Carsina” bendioides Walker (p. 432). India, S.E. Asia, Borneo. [?Lowland].
Arsacia rectalis Walker (p. 433). Indo-Australian tropics to Queensland and Solomons. Lower montane forest.
Talariga capacior Walker (p. 434). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. [Lowland].
Stenocarsia sthenoptera Swinhoe (p. 435). India, Borneo. Lowland (including plantation) forest.
Anticarsia irrorata Fabricius (p. 436). Old World and Pacific tropics. [Lowland].
Marapana pulverata Guenée (p. 437). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, New Guinea. Lowland.
Marapana flavicosta sp. n. (p. 438). Endemic. Montane forest.
Aburina uniformis Swinhoe (p. 439). N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland*. [Lowland forest].
Lignicida grisechana sp. n. (p. 440). Sundaland, Thailand. Lowland.
Egnasides rudmuna Swinhoe (p. 441). Endemic. Lowland forest.
Eubryopterella cinerea sp. n. (p. 442). Sundaland. Lowland and lower montane forest.
Eubryopterella triangulata sp. n. (p. 442). Sundaland*, Thailand. Lowland forest
Nicevillea epiplemoides Hampson (p. 443). Burma, Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Semiothisops macariata Hampson (p. 444). N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Thailand, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Selenoperas caustiplaga Hampson (p. 445). Himalaya, Thailand, Sundaland**, Sulawesi. Lowland (and montane) forest.
Ilyrgis echephurealis Walker (p. 446). Sri Lanka, Hainan, Borneo, Sangihe. [Lowland forest].
Ilyrgis costinotata Hampson (p. 446). Endemic. [?Lowland].
Goniocraspedon variegata sp. n. (p. 447). Sundaland**, Taiwan. [Lower montane forest].
Goniocraspedon micromistura sp. n. (p. 447). Endemic. [Coastal].
Ectogonia curvipalpata sp. n. (p. 448). Sundaland*. [Disturbed lowland forest].
Adra argentilinea
Walker (p. 449). Sundaland**. Lowland, especially coastal.
Adra faircloughi sp. n. (p. 450). Endemic. [Lowland].
Neogabara plagiola Wileman & West (p. 451). Sundaland to Australia and Fiji.
[Disturbed and cultivated areas in lower montane zone].
Nolasena ferrifervens Walker (p. 452). Indian Subregion, Borneo, Philippines. Lowland, possibly coastal and mangrove.
Hepatica doda Swinhoe (p. 453). Sundaland*. [Lowland and lower montane forest].
Hepatica irrorata Wileman & South (p. 454). N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Borneo. [Upper montane forest].
Hepatica orbicularis sp. n. (p. 454). Endemic. [Lowland forest].
Gonoglasa camptogramma Hampson (p. 455). Sundaland*, Thailand. Lowland forest.
Gonoglasa nigripalpis Walker (p. 455). Sundaland*, Thailand. [Lowland].

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