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Artena inversa Walker
Ophisma inversa Walker, 1858, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 14: 1384.
Ophisma bivirgata Snellen, 1885, Tijdschr. Ent., 28: 11.
Artena inversa Walker; Holloway, 1976: 29; Kobes, 1985: 33.

Artena inversa

Diagnosis. This and the next two species have the forewing fasciae dark, straight and more or less parallel. The forewing is a uniform purplish brown and does not grade darker towards the margin, and the marginal zone is only slightly paler and weakly tinged mauve. The underside is a uniform dull brown. See also convergens Gaede below.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Philippines, ?New Guinea (data label suspect).

Habitat preference. This is the commonest species and occurs from the lowlands to 2600m, perhaps with greater frequency over the 1000-2000m range, though Chey (1994) recorded it commonly also in softwood plantations at Brumas in the lowlands of Sabah. It was also recorded frequently in lowland forest near the Danum Valley Field Centre, most captures being in the understorey (S.J. Willott data).

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