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Ericeia rectifascia Prout
Ericeia rectifascia Prout, 1928, Bull. Hill Mus. Witley, 2: 257.
Ericeia intextilia Schultze sensu Holloway, 1976, partim.

Ericeia rectifascia

Diagnosis. The facies and sexual dimorphism are similar to that of inangulata except the darker submarginal band is narrower, more clearly composed of two dark elements on fore- and hindwings, and is less markedly zig-zag in course. On the hindwings there is a similarly double dark fascia interior to the submarginal. Both sexes are generally paler than in inangulata, but the female has a similar pale blue apical area and subdorsal dark spot on the forewing submarginal. In the male genitalia the valves are bilaterally symmetric (asymmetric apically in inangulata), and the tongue-like distal part of the valve extends much further beyond the angle in the ventral margin. The aedeagus lacks the apical spining of inangulata, and also basal diverticula to the vesica. The distal diverticulum is less heavily spined.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is rare, only known from between 1050m and 1930m on G. Kinabalu.

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