The Throana group of genera
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Microselene mopsa Swinhoe comb. n.
Zethes mopsa Swinhoe, 1890, Trans. ent. Soc. London, 1890: 251.

Microselene mopsa

The facies is similar to that of Margana species (see above), but the forewings are narrower, and the margins of all wings are more serrated. The forewing has the pale orbicular expressed on the upperside as an irregular lunule, and there is usually a dark brown crescent on the underside at the anterior concavity of the distal margin. The hindwing is distinguished by a straight, dark brown postmedial.

Geographical range. Burma, Thailand, N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Only two females have been recorded in Borneo, both from around 170m in the vicinity of the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah. One is from logged forest, the other from the understorey of undisturbed forest.

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