Miscellaneous Genera II
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Heterospila nigripalpis Walker comb. n. 
Zinna nigripalpis Walker, 1869, Char. undescr. Lep. Het. p. 96.

Heterospila nigripalpis

Diagnosis. The facies is similar to that of fulgurea, but in a more uniform dark grey ground, with the oblique fascia in a distinctly more basal position. The forewing apex is acute, produced by virtue of gentle concavity of the adjacent part of the costa and strong concavity of the anterior part of the distal margin. The orbicular is a minute black dot (white in fulgurea).

Geographical range. India, Thailand (VK), Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only two Bornean specimens are from stunted hill forest at 900m on Bukit Monkobo in Sabah.

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