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Ugia sundana Hampson (Plate 11, Fig 295)
Ugia sundana Hampson, 1924, J. nat. Hist. Soc. Siam, 6: 253.
Ugia albertii
Kobes, 1989, Heterocera Sumatrana, 2: 160, syn. n.

Ugia sundana

Diagnosis. The ground colour of the wings is a distinctive medium reddish brown in the males with fasciation and usually also the reniform prominently darker. The female is more ochreous, more lightly fasciated, the fasciae lined distally with irregular patches of bluish grey.

Taxonomic note. Galsworthy (1997) suggested the synonymy above, which is formalised here. Kobes related albertii to disjungens Walker and did not consider sundana in his description, but the female he illustrated is almost identical to the holotype of sundana.

Geographical range. Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Thailand.

Habitat preference. All records are from lowland forest at and below 300m.

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