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Ugia signifera Walker stat. rev.
Sarthida signifera Walker, [1863] 1864, J. Linn. Soc. (Zool.), 7: 81.
Thermesia (Iluza) affinis Snellen, 1895, Dt. ent. Z. Iris 8: 145, syn. n.

Ugia signifera

Diagnosis. Though the male genitalia are very similar to those of disjungens, the facies is distinctive, the colour generally a more ashy, bluish grey: the forewing stigmata are usually larger and closer together (though sometimes the reniform in disjungens is enlarged, it is dark brown rather than black, usually lacks a pale centre and is not accompanied by a large orbicular); the forewing antemedial is more irregular and slightly oblique; the postmedials are fine, pale, and punctate with paler markings, that of the forewing not extending to the apex but only represented by the portion angled basad subcostally, which is marked by dark on the costa.

Taxonomic note. The Sumatran taxon affinis is conspecific with signifera; though one syntype lacks the black stigmata, it has the pale punctation of the postmedials that characterise the species. The original description of affinis compared this species in part with U. transversa Moore (N.E. Himalaya to S. China). Material comparable with a half-tone photograph in BMNH of the holotype of transversa (in MNHU, Berlin) represents part of the series of U. insuspecta Galsworthy, described from Hong Kong (Galsworthy, 1997), the principal diagnostic feature of which is a distinctly bifid apex to the process of the valve sacculus in the male, together with a small lobe on the valve just distal to this process. The process in signifera is slender, entire, apically hooked as in other Bornean species. If the holotype of transversa proves to have male genitalia as above, then insuspecta should probably be placed as a synonym.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. This is a common species of a range of lowland habitats, mostly forested but also including disturbed areas and coastal vegetation. The highest record is from 1000m.

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