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Ugia disjungens Walker (Plate 11, Figs 294, 299)
Ugia disjungens Walker, 1858, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 15: 1861.

Ugia disjungens

Ugia disjungens

Diagnosis and taxonomic note. This is a generally greyish species externally similar to the N. Indian U. decisa Walker, but slightly larger; the latter is represented in BMNH only by the holotype male and, if correctly associated as a synonym, the holotype female of simplex Walker (see below and p. 187). The hindwing margin is more distinctly angled at CuA2. The male antennae are relatively longer, reaching almost to where the postmedial meets the costa. The submarginals usually have more obvious paler edging basad, and the forewing has an inner pale component that angles sharply basad subcostally. There is also a more obvious darker transverse diffuse antemedial on the forewing, associated with a dark orbicular dot just distad. See also the next species. In the male genitalia, the saccular process of the valve is tapering, apically hooked as in other Bornean species and U. purpurea Galsworthy (Hong Kong; this has a purplish tinge, the forewing antemedial slightly more basal and not associated with an orbicular dot, but otherwise very similar), whereas it is apically straight and truncated in decisa. The aedeagus is narrower in all these also, with a relatively small vesica, whereas in decisa it is twice as broad, the vesica large, more or less globular, with extensive scobination. See comments on confusion of Iluza decisa Walker (discussed above) and Thermesia decisa Walkerin Galsworthy (1997) and p. 187.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference
. Most records are from lowland forest, but specimens have also been taken up to 1000m.

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