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Bastilla maturescens Walker
Ophisma maturescens Walker, 1858, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 14: 1382.
Parallelia maturescens Walker; Holloway, 1976: 30.

Bastilla maturescens

. The central zone of the forewing is distinguished by gradual changes from dark to pale violet-brown from the postmedial to the antemedial; there is not a distinct boundary medially with an abrupt change from dark to pale. Distal to the postmedial the wing is paler, and basal to the antemedial it is darker.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion, Indochina, Thailand (VK), Sumatra, Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is uncommon, records being restricted to the two specimens recorded in cultivated areas with forest at Tuaran (10m) and Kundasan (1050m) on G. Kinabalu (Holloway, 1976) and two more from lowland forest at 400m near Bedawan in Brunei.

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