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Condate orsilla Swinhoe
Diomea orsilla Swinhoe, 1897, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (6), 19: 169.
Capnodes snelleni Semper, 1901, Reise. Phil. Schmett., 2: 587; see taxonomic note].

Condate orsilla

Diagnosis. See the generic account. The species is very similar to hypenoides and pseudohypenoides, but is dark brown rather than dark grey but with similar fasciation. However, the submarginals are more regular and linear, and the forewing postmedial does not extend so far basad along the costa from its subcostal angle, and, with the antemedial, lacks the blackening at the costa that characterises hypenoides. The forewing reniform is more broadly blackened.

Taxonomic note. Semper (loc. cit.) illustrated two specimens from Luzon that he attributed to orsilla and a new species, snelleni Semper. Probably neither is conspecific with orsilla. The former appears to have a much more variegated forewing and the latter has both the forewing antemedial and the submarginal straighter than in orsilla.

Geographical range.
Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines.

Habitat preference. This is a rare species, mostly taken in the lowlands. Three specimens are from the Pontianak locality as for the previous species. One is from 150m in mixed dipterocarp forest on G. Mulu and one from primary lowland forest at 170m near the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah. However, one is from 900m in lower montane forest on the limestone G. Api.

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