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Chorsia rufitincta Hampson comb. n.
Stenopterygia rufitincta Hampson, 1918, Novit. zool., 25: 129.

Chorsia rufitincta

Diagnosis. The shape and forewing markings are reminiscent of those of trifine noctuids, the possible reason for Hampson’s original placement, but the hindwing venation is quadrifine. The rather narrow forewings are dark brown, variegated more rufous longitudinally and crossed by broken, irregular antemedial and postmedial fasciae that have blue and white highlights, as does the reniform. The hindwing is medium brown, paler than the forewing.

Taxonomic note. This species was noted as misplaced in Stenopterygia by Holloway (1989: 147). The facies, though trifine-like, obscures a pattern that is also consistent with placement in Chorsia, as the male genitalia resemble those of C. octosema (see above) and C. trigona Hampson (S. India).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species was described from a single male from Sandakan on the coast of Sabah. It has been recorded frequently in recent surveys, mostly from various lowland forest types and more sporadically up to 900m.

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