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Chorsia dinglei sp. n.
9mm. The only specimen was noted as an aberration in the original description of octosema but included as a syntype (see above). It has the forewing pattern more irregular, less blocked, but with the submarginal more prominent, a series of dark brown blocks with gaps, the blocks occurring in three sets of two. The subapical pale spot on the underside is more obscure. The ground of the forewing and the hindwing generally are much paler than in octosema. The male abdomen also differs considerably with the side sections of the frame in the eighth sternite straight rather than angled obtusely inwards, and the valve is tapering over the apical part and lacking a ventral hook to the apical margin. The aedeagus vesica is narrow rather than globular and has a long apical cornutus.


Chorsia dinglei

Holotype . Sandakan, BORNEO, April 1895, (Creagh Coll.), BM noctuid slide 18505.

Geographical range.

Habitat preference. The type locality is on the coast of Sabah.

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