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Chorsia kingi sp. n.
, 9-11mm. The facies is a dull medium grey-brown, the forewing with the usual dark triangles on the costa, a small one subbasally and a larger one medially that has a dark discal dot just beyond its apex and a dark shade between that and the dorsum. This is the first species in the group of four distinguished from all others in Borneo by the presence of a dorsal process to the uncus. In the abdomen the eighth sternite has a rather small and anterior lacuna for a vestigial corematous structure, with the lateral and distal parts of the framing structure relatively broad.


Chorsia kingi

The tergite has a more broadly triangular central thickening but this still expands from the anterior margin to the posterior. The uncus and dorsal spine are elongate and slender compared to the next three species, and the spine arises relatively distally. The valve has a sinuous ventral margin.

Holotype . SARAWAK: Gunong Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. 1977-8 (J.D.Holloway et al.), Site 23, April, W. Melinau Gorge, 250m, 430558, FEG 4, limestone forest, BM noctuid slide 18150.

Paratypes: 4 (slide 18526) as holotype.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All material has been taken in lowland forest on limestone.

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