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Hyposemansis singha Guenée
Marmorinia singha Guenée, 1852, Hist. Nat. Insectes, Spec. gén. Lépid. 7: 372.
Zethes amynoides Moore, 1882, Descr. new Indian lepid. Insects Colln W.S. Atkinson: 181.
Mecodina subornata Wileman, 1914, Entomologist, 47: 223.
Hyposemansis singha magnipunctata Prout, 1928, Bull. Hill Mus. Witley, 2: 268.
Hyposemansis singha Guenée; Holloway, 1976: 39.


Hyposemansis singha

Diagnosis. The wing shape is unusual, as is the contrast between the very uniform grey upperside and the much more variegated and fasciated underside, the latter resembling more the underside of various Pangrapta Hübner species such as shivula Guenée (see below). The margins of both wings are bordered pale cream, the hindwing border being broader.

Geographical range. Himalaya, Taiwan, Burma, Borneo; Sumatra (ssp. magnipunctata).

Habitat preference. The species occurs in forest from the lowlands to as high as 1760m, but is only really frequent in lowland dipterocarp forest.

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