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Hyposemansis Hampson

Type species: singha Guenée, Bangladesh.

This genus is probably best restricted to its type species. None of the species listed by Poole (1989) appears to be compatible. The species
lasiophora Hampson and mediopallens Wileman & West are transferred to Pangrapta Hübner below, and xyrina Kobes is a synonym of Focillistis sita Felder & Rogenhofer (p. 300).

The facies and wing shape are as described in the species account below. The male antennae are ciliate. The labial palps long, upcurved as in Pangrapta.

The eighth segment of the male abdomen is of the framed corematous type. The genitalia have simple valves that are invested throughout with fine hair-setae. There is an oblique pleat basally that separates off the saccular region, but otherwise there is no ornamentation. The tegumen and vinculum have a complex articulation that may involve a paratergal sclerite. There is a moderate saccus. The aedeagus is large, finely grooved apically, with a vesica that is large, convolute and generally scobinate, but lacking the cornuti seen in many

The female genitalia have the ostium between the seventh and eighth segments; the sternite of the former is only slightly reduced, and the latter consists of an incomplete ring with setae only on the posterior margin. The ductus is narrow, unsclerotised. The corpus bursae is large, irregular, generally finely scobinate and distally weakly corrugated. The ductus seminalis arises from one side in the centre, rather than near the base, a feature seen in some
Pangrapta such as albiseriata Hampson.

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