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Buzara forceps Kobes comb. n.
Parallelia umbrosa Walker sensu Holloway, 1976: 30.
Parallelia forceps Kobes, 1985: 42.

Buzara forceps

See the previous species. B. forceps is smaller than onelia and the mainland Asian umbrosa Walker (= obumbrata Walker, India), but is difficult to distinguish from the latter except by the male genitalia, where there are two processes resembling forceps on the right valve, rather than the usual three. Males from Java (slide 10916) and Penang (slide 18360) have genitalia more typical of umbrosa, so that species may prove to occur more widely in Sundaland. There is some variation also in the genitalia of umbrosa, with a male from the type area of China having a prominent crest to the uncus.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. All material is from lowland localities, mostly those with cultivation or disturbance. In recent surveys one was taken in the hot spring area of Poring near G. Kinabalu and another on the coast of Brunei near Seria.

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