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Falana bilineata sp. n.
14-15mm. The forewings are narrower than in the previous species, with a similarly excavate and angled distal margin, though the excavation of the anterior half is less extreme, with the forewing apex only slightly falcate, and the posterior half is more regularly stepped. The forewing colour is medium-pale grey, with the reniform whitish as in sordida but more bipunctate than a transverse streak. The orbicular is also picked out paler. The postmedial is diagnostically double, dark brown, transverse, and angled closer to the costa than in sordida, where it is single, obscure; however, two of the Barito Ulu paratypes also have the fascia obscure. The underside is also paler, particularly the hindwing which is uniform pale grey rather than being darker to an irregular border at two thirds; the hindwing postmedial is finely darker against the pale grey rather than paler against dark grey. In the male genitalia, the valves are very much deeper than in sordida, the coremata more tapering and with finer setal bases. The anterior margins of the eighth tergite and sternite are with much more strongly and broadly angled apodemes.

Falana bilineata

. SARAWAK: Gunong Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. 1977-8 (J.D.Holloway et al.), Site 2, January, Camp 4, Mulu, 1790m. 452463, [upper] montane (moss) forest.

Paratypes: 1 same general data as holotype but Site 16, March, Long Pala (Base), 70m, 324450, alluv. / second. for., BM noctuid slide 18509; 4 INDONESIA: Borneo, Kalimantan Tengah, Barito Ulu 2001, at Busang / Rekut River Junction, 0°38' S, 113°59' E, viii.2001 (G. Martin); 1 MALAYSIA: Sabah, Danum Valley, 170m, 4°58' N 117°48' E (S.J. Willott) 1° understorey, 10-11pm, tree Pltfm., DVFC, 20.vii.95.

Habitat preference. The specimens suggest a broad ecological range for this apparently rare species, being recorded mostly from lowland forest, but also from and upper montane forest.

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