The Throana group of genera
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Throana klossi Prout
Throana klossi Prout; 1932, Bull. Hill. Mus. Witley, 4: 286.

Throana klossi

See the previous species. The hindwing has a particularly acute marginal angle; its band of arches is much broader centrally, the submarginal itself being more strongly lunulate. There is usually a conspicuous, paler grey patch distal to the dark triangle on the costa adjacent to the angle of the postmedial.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The five specimens seen from Borneo are all from lowland forest: two from Semengok near Kuching; one from 100m on G. Santubong, also near Kuching; one from Labi (30-60m) and one from the Ulu Temburong (300m) in Brunei.

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