The Throana group of genera
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Throana flavizonata Hampson
Throana flavizonata Hampson, 1926, Descr. Gen. Spec. Noctuinae, p. 590.

Throana flavizonata

This is the smallest Bornean species, darker grey than congeners, with irregular white postmedials on all wings that fade away subcostally and are edged distally by a narrow zone of pale red.

Taxonomic note. In Seram there is an externally similar species with more robust valves and a shorter aedeagus vesica with a series of larger spines basally (slide 18905). This may be conspecific with T. blechrodes Turner from Queensland.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. The holotype is from Sandakan, and there is a specimen from Bidi in Sarawak. A male was collected by the side of a road in logged forest at 100m near the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah. S.J. Willott (unpublished data) also recorded the species with greater frequency in logged forest in the Danum Valley locality, and Chey (1994) noted several specimens in lowland softwood plantations.

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