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Loxioda dilutalis Snellen
Madopa dilutalis Snellen, 1884, Tijdschr. Ent., 27: 215.


Loxioda dilutalis

Diagnosis. This is a small species with a straw ground colour and pattern typical of the genus in medium to dark brown. There is a series of fasciae basal to the submarginal on the forewing upperside, but only the latter is evident on the underside. The hindwing has a series of three or four rather diffuse bands in its distal half, with two represented on the underside. The next species is very similar, so the genitalia may need examination. The male genitalia of dilutalis have the uncus slightly longer, and the valves have a definite lateral lobe centrally. In females, dilutalis has a more elongate and scobinate corpus bursae.

Geographical range. Java, Borneo, ?Christmas I..

Habitat preference. All five Bornean specimens seen are from disturbed lowland localities, all near the coast: two from Sandakan in Sabah; two from Labuan I.; one from secondary and coastal vegetation at Mumong in Brunei.

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