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Avatha heterographa Hampson comb. n. 
Athyrma heterographa Hampson, 1912, J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc., 21: 1222.
Athyrma eupepla Prout sensu Holloway, 1976: 34.

Avatha heterographa

The male has a conspicuous hindwing androconial area as in complens but is further distinguished by bipectinate antennae, also seen in the Sumatran species mixosema Prout and eupepla Prout, though only males of the former have androconia on the hindwing. The hieroglyph on the forewing is much larger in males of eupepla.

Taxonomic note. Specimens from China, Taiwan and the Philippines in BMNH may represent further species in this bipectinate complex (Kobes, 1985), along with A. paucimacula Roepke comb. n. (Java, Sumatra) and A. pratti Bethune-Baker comb. n. (New Guinea). A. javanica Roepke comb. n. (Java) probably also belongs to this group. 

Geographical range. Burma, Sumatra, Borneo. 

Habitat preference. All records are from montane forest, from 1200m to 2600m on G. Kinabalu, from 1780m and 1790m on G. Mulu and from 1465m and 1618m on Bukit Retak.

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