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Anereuthina Hübner

Type species: renosa Hübner, Java.

Synonym: Hypaetra Guenée (type species renosa).

The facies of this monobasic genus is described below. The position of the forewing black patch is similar to that of the most distal one in Avatha. Many Avatha were described in Hypaetra Guenée, the synonym of Anereuthina. The male has antennae that are robustly filiform, sparsely ciliate, and the tibiae of all legs have scale tufts. The labial palps are typically catocaline. The hindwing margin has a slight angle at CuA2.

The eighth segment of the male abdomen is unmodified apart from shallow and widely spaced apodemes on the tergite. The genitalia have the uncus apex of the ball and claw type, and there is a scaphium. The juxta is an inverted ‘Y’ type. The valves are rather paddle-like, with a moderate but slender harpe on the sacculus. The aedeagus vesica is small, globular. The female genitalia have the ostium anterior to the eighth segment, with the posterior angles of the seventh tergite and the apex of the reduced, triangular sternite surrounding it. The ostium narrows into a slender, sclerotised ductus bursae that leads to a pyriform corpus bursae of similar length. The corpus bursae contains some sparse and coarse scobination.

The palm-feeding biology is unusual, as described below.

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