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Pangrapta elopura sp. n. 
17mm. The facies is similar to that of meander but is a more uniform, darker, greenish brown with a very sparse scattering of pale greenish-blue scales. These are more contrasted in a narrow edging to the postmedials distally and the slightly biarcuate forewing antemedial basally; the forewing reniform is a slightly paler brown. The underside is slightly darker and more uniform than in meander, with a slight angle at the centre of the hindwing medial on the basal side (the medial is straight in meander and slightly closer to the postmedial). In the male genitalia the capsule is similar to that of meander but the aedeagus vesica has many more small diverticula and a long one with four needle-like spines at its apex.


Pangrapta elopura

. Elopura, Meh [18]84 [SABAH: Sandakan], BM noctuid slide 19268.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia (Perak), Sumatra (Lebong Tandai).

Habitat preference. The type locality is a coastal town.

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