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Sypnoides pannosa Moore
Sypna pannosa Moore, 1882, Descr. new Indian lepid. Insects Colln W.S. Atkinson 168.
Sypnoides pannosa Moore; Holloway, 1976: 31.
Sypnoides (Sypnoides) pannosa Moore; Kobes, 1985: 72.

Sypnoides pannosa

The forewing facies is unmistakable, resembling that of mandarina, with a finely speckled fawn and brown medial zone defined by the antemedial and postmedial fasciae, both irregular, with fawn and brown components. Outside the medial area there are subapical, tornal and basal patches of dark-edged leaden grey.

Geographical range. Himalaya, Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. Bornean records are restricted to five specimens from 1200m at Bundu Tuhan on the slopes of G. Kinabalu in an area of cultivation with forest fragments.

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