The Saroba group of genera
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Tamba bartelsi Kobes
Tamba bartelsi Kobes, 1997, Heterocera Sumatrana, 12: 56.

Tamba bartelsi

. See the previous two species. This is most similar to sobana in facies but with a larger reniform and a more irregular postmedial to the forewing. The portion of the latter anterior to the angle is edged by a series of dark brown spots distally, and this dark brown shade recurs over the submarginal just exterior to these spots, extending to the margin centrally. The male genitalia have the costal process to the valve very large, paddle-like, with an acute angle on the distal side of the handle of the paddle.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo, Thailand (VK).

Habitat preference. There is one specimen from the Pontianak locality noted for the previous two species and three taken in lowland forest during the Mulu survey: at 150m on G. Mulu; at 250m on the lower slopes of the limestone G. Api; at 150m in wet heath forest just west of the Melinau Gorge.

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