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Oglasa costisignata Hampson
Oglasa costisignata Hampson, 1926, Descr. Gen. Spec. Noctuinae, p. 222.


Oglasa costisignata

Diagnosis and taxonomic note. See costimacula above. This is a larger species with a more ochreous brown tone to the forewing, particularly in the distal half. The male genitalia are modified as illustrated, the valve highly so, and the juxta more typical of the core catocalines. The aedeagus vesica and the modification of the sclerites of the eighth segment are consistent, as is the facies, with placement in Oglasa, however.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is infrequent, but more material is from lowland forest. There is one specimen from lower montane forest at 1000m on G. Mulu and one from disturbed coastal forest near Seria in Brunei. Chey (1994) recorded it in low numbers in all softwood plantations sampled during his survey.

Biology. See under lagusalis above for details of a related Indian species.

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