Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Carsinabendioides Walker 
Remigia bendioides, Walker, 1864, J. Linn. Soc (Zool.), 7: 184.

(holotype, UM Oxford)

Diagnosis. The species resembles Loxioda mediofascia (see above), but is larger, somewhat more robust, the wings more extensively and evenly fasciated. The dark discal marks are unipunctate rather than bipunctate. The general colouring is a richer brown.

Taxonomic note. This species is misplaced in Carsina as indicated above.

Geographical range. Borneo, Thailand, Burma, India.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimens are the holotype male, taken by A.R. Wallace in Sarawak, probably in the lowlands, and another male from secondary forest near Brumas in the lowlands of Sabah. (Chey, 1994; also one record from Acacia mangium plantation).

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