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Arsacia Walker

Type species: saturatalis Walker (= rectalis Walker), Peninsular Malaysia.

Synonyms: Amblyzancla Turner (type species declivis Turner, Australia = rectalis); Midea Walker (type species rectalis, Borneo) praeocc.; Notocyma Snellen (type species pruinosa Snellen, Congo).

This genus consists of relatively small species with facies as described below. The forewings have a slightly falcate tornus, and the dorsal margin is dentate just basal to where the oblique line meets it, at about one third. The male antennae are ciliate. The labial palps have a long, deep second segment extending well beyond the head, with a very short, downturned third segment.

The male abdomen has an eighth sternite of the framed, corematous type, and the tergite is narrowly sclerotised anteriorly but this expands abruptly over the posterior margin. In the genitalia, the uncus is long, slender, curved. The tegumen on each side has a slight peniculus. The valves are simple, tongue-like, narrow, slightly curved, with a spur-like process arising from the costa centrally. The aedeagus vesica is simple with one very large cornutus.

In the female, the ostium opens within the eighth segment. The ductus is narrow, short; the corpus bursae is irregularly pyriform, basally slightly fluted, and with fine scobination extending over much of its interior.

The current concept of the genus is that it contains one widespread Old World tropical species,
rectalis. However, limited dissection throughout this range indicated that African material differs from that from the Indo-Australian tropics, having a small, central spur to the shorter, broader valve, and considerably reduced scobination to the corpus bursae. This must be regarded as a distinct species, A. pruinosa Snellen stat. rev. (type locality in Congo, as in Nye (1975), rather than New Guinea, as in Poole (1989)). This was also noted by Fibiger (2003) for the African member of the complex, with the suggestion that it was not even congeneric. Unfortunately he identified the taxon as the Australian declivis Turner. If he is correct about the generic distinction, the name Notocyma Snellen is available.

The biology of the type species is described below.

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