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Diomea garroodi sp. n. 
, 14mm. This species resembles tricuspida very closely in both wing shape, facies and male genitalia, and was originally marked down merely as a variant of that species, lacking the prominent creamy white, bilobed patch across the apical zone of the forewing. The forewings in both are relatively deep and the hindwings of a greater relative area than in other Bornean species. However, the submarginals are broader and more continuous on both fore- and hindwings and less strongly angled on the former, particularly at the tornus. Females (one from Bali) have a small cream-coloured bar on the forewing costa just distad from the postmedial.

Diomea garroodi

. Dutch West BORNEO [Kalimantan]: 85 miles above Pontianak (Simons et Meligan (Sanggan)), ex Janson, April, 1909.

Paratypes: 1 SARAWAK: Santubong Mt., 100m, 6.ix.1981: (Oxford Far East Exp.) Exp.) BM noctuid slide 18168; 1 (slide 18553) Tenom, Brit. N. BORNEO (E. Wahr).

Geographical range. Borneo, Bali.

Habitat preference. This is a lowland species, probably from forested localities.

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