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Caduca Moore

Type species: meleagris Felder & Rogenhofer (= albopunctata Walker), Sri Lanka.

This genus shares characters of the male eighth abdominal segment with such as
Diomea and is therefore associated with them in the Boletobiini, a placement anticipated in the original combination of nasea Swinhoe (see below) and by Yoshimoto (1994). The general facies is consistent with this (see below), though the speckled white fasciation is particularly strongly developed rather than obscure and just associated with the postmedial when present. The male antennae are fasciculate, and the third segment of the labial palps is much shorter than the second.

The male genitalia are similar to those of Diomea species except the distal saccular process is set more to the interior of the valve and is accompanied by a smaller subcostal process that is based more distally, near the apex of the saccular one.

The female genitalia have an appendix bursae typical of the group, and the corpus bursae has a broad central zone that is invested with numerous small, slender spines as in
Artigisa and Panilla.

The genus consists of the two species described below.

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