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Bastilla joviana Stoll
Noctua joviana
Stoll, 1782, Uitlandsche Kapellen, 4: 237.
Noctua sinuata
Fabricius, 1781, Species Insectorum, 2: 507, praeocc.
Dysgonia jovis
Hübner, [1823] 1816, Verz. bekannter Schmett. p. 269.
Parallelia curvisecta Prout, 1919, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (9), 3: 185.
Parallelia joviana Stoll; Holloway, 1976: 30.

Bastilla joviana

. This and the next species belong to a complex that has a distinct second ‘peak’ to the postmedial on vein CuA2 as well as the one associated with the trapezoidal mark at M1. Between the peaks are two darker brown spots on veins M3 and CuA1. The species are best distinguished by the genitalia (Holloway & Miller, 2003), but B. vitiensis Butler tends to have the more posterior peak relatively weak. In the male genitalia joviana has a sinuous costal process to the valve, whereas it is straighter with a rather triangular apical expansion in vitiensis. In the female, the antevaginal plate is almost square in joviana but broader and distinctly trapezoidal in vitiensis.

Geographical range. Oriental Region to Moluccas; New Guinea and Australia (ssp. curvisecta).

Habitat preference. Records have been made infrequently from the lowlands to 1930m in both forested and disturbed or cultivated localities.

Biology. The larva has been described and illustrated by Moore (1884-1887), and described by Gardner (1947) and Bell (MS). The head is pale grey to white with black spots, including a large one on each side of the vertex. The body is grey or white with a bluish tinge above. The colour of T1 is black. The setae arise from black dots, and there is a subdorsal pair of large black spots near the dorsal margin of A1. There is a yellowish white subspiracular band, and the ventrum is black. The tubercles on A8 are orange or red. The pupa has a bluish white bloom.

The host plants recorded (Holloway & Miller, 2003) are
Acalypha, Breynia and Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae).

The adult pierces fruit in Thailand (Bänziger, 1982; Kuroko & Lewvanich, 1993).

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