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Varicosia venata Hampson
Varicosia venata Hampson, 1924, Entomologist, 57: 183.

Varicosia venata

Diagnosis and taxonomic note. See the generic description. Material from the Bornean lowlands (females only) resembles externally the syntypes of venata from Java and Sri Lanka in BMNH. The Javan specimen is female but had what is probably the wrong abdomen glued on; the basal sternal apodemes and their separation are very different from those of the other specimens dissected, as are the genitalia. A Sri Lankan female syntype dissected had a slightly larger sclerotised section to the ductus bursae than do the Bornean ones, but not quite as long as in the next species. The size and ovate shape of the bursa are comparable.

The male genitalia illustrated are those of another Sri Lankan syntype. A Sundanian male has not been located but would need to be checked to confirm conspecificity with Sri Lankan material.

Geographical range. Sri Lanka, Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Bornean material is from lowland localities, Pontianak and Seria, the latter in Brunei in an area of disturbed coastal forest and open habitats.

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