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Varicosia Hampson

Type species: venata Hampson, Sri Lanka, Java.

Species in this genus are relatively delicate, with the forewings twice as long as broad, pale brownish grey with diffuse transverse fasciae and, over the costal part to the cell, the veins picked out pale against a darker ground. The reniform is conspicuous at the posterior edge of this costal zone. The male antennae are strongly fasciculate in the type species, moderately so in
V. clavifera Prout stat. n. The labial palps have the second segment rather deep, triangular from the scaling, broadest distad; the third segment is narrower and shorter, directed downwards from the second.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment unmodified. There are no phragma lobes evident in association with the second tergite. In the genitalia, the tegumen has an angle ventrally, interiorly on each side, and there appears to be an intercalary sclerite. The juxta may be a slightly modified form of the inverted ‘V’ type. The valves are characterised by a strong process from the costa.

In the female, the ostium is set within an extensive scobinate zone of the membrane between the seventh and eighth segments, where the seventh sternite is distinctly shorter than the tergite. The ductus is sclerotised. The bursa is ovate, finely scobinate with corrugations, and the scobination may be condensed also into a small signum centrally on one side (

The genus contains the two species described below; also one rather worn specimen of the genus was taken in Sulawesi by the author.

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