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Rhesala nigricans Snellen 
Heterocgramma nigricans Snellen, 1880, Tijdschr. Ent., 23: 136.
Rhesala malayica Hampson, 1926, Descr. Gen. Spec. Noctuinae: 277, syn. n.


Rhesala nigricans

Diagnosis. This is a much smaller species than imparata, with a more obtusely angled and transverse forewing postmedial, set more distally, as is that of the hindwing. The male genitalia are characterised by an unusually short and broad uncus and narrow, tongue-like valves with a similarly elongate and semidetached saccular portion.

Taxonomic note. The facies and male genitalia of the taxa brought into synonymy are identical.

Geographical range. Sulawesi, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype is from Pulo Laut. The species was recorded frequently in upper montane forest at 1780m on G. Mulu and in small numbers at 900m and 1200m on G. Api. Singletons were taken in alluvial forest at 50m near G. Mulu and at 500m in hill dipterocarp forest on its slopes.

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