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Tamba capatra Swinhoe 
Zethes capatra Swinhoe, 1903, Fasc. malayenses, 1: 81.

Tamba capatra

Diagnosis. This and the next two species are very similar in size and facies, being marked in shades of darker brown on a fawn ground, with the hindwing postmedial pale, obtusely angled, and with a series of dark brown marks in the spaces just exterior to it. In capatra the medial area is darker brown, this shade on the forewing extending broadly to the apex and enclosing the large, pale, bilobed reniform. On the hindwing there is a separate dark brown patch in the centre of the marginal area. The part of the forewing postmedial posterior to the angle is distinctly concave. The male genitalia have the costal process of the valve moderate and spatulate and the more ventral one shorter, tapering slightly, a narrow trapezoid.

Taxonomic note. Kobes recorded capatra from Sumatra in his description of T. bartelsi Kobes (see below).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Three specimens have been recorded from lowland dipterocarp forest at or below 300m in Brunei, and there is a third specimen from the locality near Pontianak noted for the next species. Chey (1994) took the species in low numbers in his survey of lowland softwood plantations in Sabah.

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