Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Loxioda sp.
Loxioda similis Moore sensu Holloway, 1976: 36.


A single male of this species was taken at 1620m in an area of disturbed vegetation on G. Kinabalu. It is larger than the previous two, resembling the Himalayan similis Moore and dissimilis Moore in size, possibly closer to the latter in its rather yellowish fawn ground colour. It is rather worn but has fasciation much as in dilutalis. The genitalia (slide 9416) indicate it may be a new species, the valves being relatively longer than in the three species just mentioned, and having a small lobe at about two-thirds on the narrower section. The tegumen and vinculum are approximately equal as in dilutalis; in similis and particularly dissimilis, the vinculum is longer than the tegumen.

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