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Pantura ophiusalis Walker comb. rev.
Bocana ophiusalis Walker, [1859] 1858, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 16: 73.
Toxocampa lunifera Druce; 1888, Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 1888: 575.
Imleanga fluviatilis Lucas, 1901, Proc. R. Soc. Qd., 16: 83.

Pantura ophiusalis

. The forewings are narrow, elongate as in Avitta and Asta, a dull, rather pale grey-brown with faint transverse fasciation and conspicuously darker marks at the reniform (shaped like a hawk in flight) and submarginaly at the costa (a broad bar). The development of the reniform in the male is much reduced in material from the Indian Subregion.

Taxonomic note. Holloway (1979) reviewed the synonymy of this species and its generic status in relation to Avitta and Asta (see also p. 189).

Geographical range. Indian Subregion, China, Japan; Sundaland, Sulawesi, Queensland, Sudest Is., Solomons, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia (ssp. lunifera).

Habitat preference. Two specimens have been recorded from lowland forest in Brunei during recent surveys at Labi (50-60m) and Ulu Belait (60m). There is older material from G. Marapok in Sabah.

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