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Homodes perilitha Hampson 
Homodes perilitha Hampson, 1926, Descr. Gen. Spec. Noctuinae, p. 142.

Homodes perilitha

Diagnosis. This is the smallest and darkest member of the genus in Borneo. The facies is much as in vivida and muluensis except the medial is not evident, and the postmedial is irregular, darkly punctate, particularly on the hindwing where the dots are invested with slightly raised, coppery scales and have a rather sinuous course with enlargement towards the dorsum. This feature also occurs in vivida and muluensis but the spots do not increase so strongly towards the dorsum. The orange bands on the wings are tinged brownish.

Geographical range. Borneo, S. India, Philippines, ?Buru.

Habitat preference. Five specimens have been taken in recent surveys in forested and disturbed lowland habitats: Kuching in Sarawak; Labi (30-60m) and the Ulu Temburong (300m) with dipterocarp forest, and Seria with coastal forest in Brunei.

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