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Adra faircloughi sp. n.
12mm. This species appears very similar in facies to argentilinea, except the wings are slightly narrower, more elongate, and the pale streak through the forewing is more continuous. However, the antennae are fasciculate rather than bipectinate, the forewing venation lacks an areole, and the hindwing has a wide, weak discocellular and, posterior to it, M2 stalked with M3 rather than the latter with CuA1. The first and second abdominal segments are distinctly modified, the phragma lobes of the second tergite fused into a single structure. In the male abdomen, the eighth segment is similar to that of the type species. The genitalia have the uncus strongly flexed. The valves are shorter, smaller, their sacculi more closely associated centrally, almost to the point of fusion. The juxta resemble an inverted ‘Y’.


Adra faircloughi

. BRUNEI: Panaga, 5.1.1980 (R. Fairclough), BM noctuid slide 18346.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The type locality is on the coast near Seria in disturbed strand forest and scrub with Casuarina.

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