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Gesonia pseudoinscitia sp. n.
, 11-13mm. The species resembles G. inscitia Swinhoe (Indian Subregion, Taiwan) in facies, differing from obeditalis as described above. The male genitalia are more like those of obeditalis, with a long lobe from the costa rendering the valve bifid. However, the new species lacks the small rugose lobe seen at the base of cleft of the two processes in obeditalis, and the uncus has a more distal flexure and lacks a dorsal process.


Gesonia pseudoinscitia

. NORD BORNEO: Mont Kina Balu, 5.8.1903 (John Waterstradt), BM noctuid slide 18625.

Paratypes: 2, 7 as holotype; 1 BORNEO: Sarawak, Matang Ferry, 12.iv.1909.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species has not been taken in recent surveys. The type series was mostly taken in the vicinity of G. Kinabalu but without precise data. One female specimen is from Matang Ferry in Sarawak, presumably a disturbed lowland riverine locality.

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