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Lineopalpa orsara Swinhoe
Lineopalpa orsara Swinhoe, 1903, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 11: 506.
Paragonitis strigocrenulata Bethune-Baker, 1906, Novit. zool., 13: 239.
Lineopalpa orsara Swinhoe; Holloway, 1976: 36.

Lineopalpa orsara

Lineopalpa orsara

Diagnosis. The forewings are a dark purplish red-brown, either uniform or with the reniform picked out paler. The postmedial is straight, oblique, just distal to the reniform but usually obscure, but sometimes edged greyish, often with further grey in a band between it and the reniform.

Geographical range. Borneo, Luzon, Sulawesi, Seram, New Guinea.

Habitat preference. All records are montane. The species is frequent on G. Kinabalu from 1620m to 2600m and has also been taken at 1618m on Bukit Retak (2) and at 1780m on G. Mulu (1).

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