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Eudocima [Othreis] srivijayana Bänziger 
Othreis cajeta Cramer sensu Holloway, 1976: 36.
Othreis srivijayana Bänziger, 1985: 42.

Eudocima srivijayana Eudocima srivijayana

Diagnosis. See the previous species. Males have a more rufous brown forewing with the fasciae curved concave basad, the postmedial approximately parallel to the margin. The female forewings are more obscurely variegated, blackish, speckled, without definite fasciation.

Taxonomic note. Bänziger (1985) reviewed the classification of the old concept of Othreis cajeta Cramer and divided it into three distinct species: cajeta, in the Indian Subregion northern Vietnam, north and central Thailand; srivijayana; talboti Prout, in the Moluccas (Seram, ?Halmahera, Waigeo). Moore (1881) referred, under cajeta, to a manuscript account by S.N. Wood of a larva on Terminalia (Combretaceae) that produced a pupa with a powdery bloom; this seems suspect, and probably a misidentification.

Geographical range.
Sundaland, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumba, Flores, Timor.

Habitat preference. Records have been infrequent from the lowlands to 2110m.

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