This checklist includes all known Bornean species, giving the link on which a fuller account can be found, a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines,
*means shared with Sumatra only and **means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens.

COSSIDAE (34 species)

Cossus kinabaluensis Gaede. Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane.
Cossus verbeeki
Roepke. Java, Bali, Borneo.
Cossus chloratoides sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Cossus chloratus Swinhoe. Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland.
Cossus javanus Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Cossus speideli sp. n. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Cossus cinereus Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Cossus vandeldeni Roepke. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Cossus rufipecten sp. n. Sundaland*. (Lowland and lower montane forest).
Cossus cruciatus sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Cossus retak sp. n. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Cossus telisai sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Cossus seria sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Azygophleps nurella Swinhoe. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**, Palawan. (Lowland).
Zeuzera indica Herrich-Schaffer. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland.
Zeuzera caudata rhabdota Jordan. Indo.Australian tropics. Lowland.
Zeuzera conferta Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, especially mangrove.
Zeuzera coffeae Nietner. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, especially disturbed habitats
Zeuzera lineata Gaede. Sundaland, Sulawesi. Montane.
Zeuzera borneana Roepke. Endemic. Lowland, (upper montane).
Xyleutes strix Linnaeus. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, especially alluvial, forest.
Xyleutes persona le Guillou. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland.
Xyleutes mineus
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland.
Xyleutes ceramica Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, especially alluvial, forest
Xyleutes quarlesi
Roepke. Endemic. (Lowland).
Xyleutes stenoptera Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Xyleutes adusta Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Xyleutes malayica Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Xyleutes pardicolor Moore. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland alluvial forest).
Xyleutes lutescens Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Xyleutes anceps Snellen. Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland alluvial forest).
Xyleutes euphyes West. Sundaland, Wallacea. (Mangrove).
Xyleutes dictyograpta Roepke. Endemic. (Mangrove, swamp and heath forest).
Xyleutes maculatus Snellen. Sundaland, Lesser Sundas, Sulawesi. Lowland, especially mangrove, forest, (lower montane forest).

METARBELIDAE (5 species)

Squamura maculata Heylaerts. Sundaland. Lowland, lower montane.
Squamura roepkei Holloway. Sundaland. Lowland.
Squamura disciplaga Swinhoe. Sundaland
*, Philippines. (Lowland).
Squamura ?acutistriata Mell. Java, ?Borneo. (Lowland).
Squamura kinabalua Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.

RATARDIDAE (3 species)

Ratarda mora Hering. Endemic.
Ratarda flavimargo Hering. Endemic. (Lowland).
Ratarda melanoxantha Hering. Endemic.

LIMACODIDAE (95 species)

Cheromettia sumatrensis Heylaerts. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Nagodopsis parvimargo Holloway. Endemic. (Montane, 1200m).
Nagodopsis albipuncta sp. n.. Endemic. (Lower montane, limestone).
Demonarosa mediodorsata Hering. Sundaland. Lowland, (upper montane).
Demonarosa ochrirubra Holloway. Endemic. (Montane, 1760m).
Demonarosa diagonalis Holloway. Sundaland. Lowland.
Altha nivea Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland to) upper montane.
Altha kerangatis Holloway. Endemic. (Lowland).

Altha adala
Moore. S.E. Asia, Sundaland. (Lowland).
Althonarosa cretacea sp. n. Endemic. Lower montane on limestone.
Althonarosa dentijuxta sp. n. Sundaland
**. Lowland heath forest, hill dipterocarp forest (500m), (lower montane forest).
Narosa concinna Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland (mangrove?).
Narosa velutina Walker. Sundaland. Lowland.
Narosa lawaii sp. n. Endemic. (Lower montane on limestone).
Narosa nagani sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Narosa silati sp. n. Endemic. (Lower montane on limestone).
Narosa harmani sp. n. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Flavinarosa holoxanthia paucispina ssp. n. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Montane).
Saccurosa calcicola sp. n. Sundaland
*. Lower montane on limestone.
Heringarosa trifurca sp. n. Endemic. Lowland heath forest and hill dipterocarp forest.
Heringarosa cretacea sp. n. Sundaland
**. Limestone: lowland and lower montane.
Atosia doenia Moore. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Atosia spicata sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Atosia trusmadia sp. n. Endemic.
Atosia rochei sp. n.  Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Cania striola Hering. Sundaland. Lowland.
Cania minuta sp. n. Sundaland
**. (Lowland to lower montane).
Cania bandura Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane.
Cania guichardi sp. n. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Cania styx sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chalcoscelides castaneipars Moore. N.E. Himalaya and Taiwan to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Chalcocelis albiguttatus Snellen. Sundaland to New Guinea and Queensland. Lowland.
Mambarilla roseata sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland, upper montane).
Miresa bracteata Butler. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland.
Parasa sundalepida sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland.
Parasa bimaculata Snellen. Sundaland. Lowland.
Parasa canangoides sp. n. Endemic. Lowland.
Parasa pastoralis Butler. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland.
Parasa humeralis Walker. Endemic. Lowland, ?mangrove.
Parasa darma Moore. Sundaland. Lowland and upper montane races.
Hyphorma minax Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland to (lower montane).
Hyphormides argentipunctata Hering. Sundaland. Lowland.
Scopelodes unicolor Westwood. Burma, Sundaland. Lowland to (lower montane).

Scopelodes pallivittata
Snellen. Sundaland. Lowland.
Scopelodes albipalpalis Hering. Endemic. Lowland, heath forest.
Mahanta leworthyi sp. n. Sundaland
*. (Upper montane).
Phocoderma velutina Kollar. Indian Subregion to Sundaland. Lowland.
Susica everetti Holloway. Endemic.
Susica heringi Holloway. Endemic. Lowland.
Susica obscura Holloway. Sundaland
**. (Lowland: heath forest).
Thosea borneensis Hering. Borneo, Palawan. Lowland.
Thosea rotundata sp. n.  Endemic. (Lowland: heath forest).
Thosea medialis sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland.
Thosea griseafurca sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland).
Thosea pallifurca sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Thosea trifurca sp. n.  Endemic. (Montane).
Thosea lutea Heylaerts. Sundaland. Lowland, especially heath forest.
Thosea vetusta Walker. Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland to (lower montane).
Thosea vetusinua sp. n. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Setothosea asigna van Eecke. Sundaland, Palawan. Lowland.
Praesetora albitermina Hering. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to (lower montane).
Praesetora kinabalua Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Birthamoides junctura Walker. Indian Subregion, Sundaland. Lowland.
Setora cupreistriga Walker. Sundaland
*. Lowland.
Setora cupreiplaga Walker. Endemic. Lowland to (upper montane).
Setora tamsi Hering. Endemic. Lowland.
Birthosea bisura Moore. Sundaland. Lowland.
Birthamula chara Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland, possibly more on acid soils.
Birthamula altichara sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane.
Allothosea lola Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland.
Allothosea montana sp. n. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Birthama rubicunda Walker. Sundaland. Lowland. (lower montane).
Birthama congrua Walker. Sundaland, Wallacea, Lesser Sundas. Lowland, (lower montane).
Griseothosea cruda Walker. Sundaland. Lowland, especially dry heath forest and swamp forest, (upper montane).
Griseothosea kinabaluensis sp. n. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Idonauton apicalis Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland, (lower montane).
Pseudidonauton bhaga Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland, (lower montane).

Nirmides basalis
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane.
Nirmides purpurea sp. n. Sundaland
**. Lowland.
Nirmides flavissima sp. n. Sundaland
*. Lowland, (upper montane).
Nirmides montana sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane.
Pseudonirmides sola Swinhoe. Borneo, Philippines. Lowland.
Bornethosea nigrina sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland, especially swamp forest.
Marsuplectra parasina Hering. Endemic. Lowland, especially wet heath forest, (lower montane).
Limacosilla pirifera Hering. Borneo, Natuna, Sumatra. (Lowland).
Trichogyia semifascia Hampson. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland.(Lowland).
Striogyia snelleni sp. n. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Darna (Ploneta) diducta Snellen. Sundaland.
Darna (Ploneta) bradleyi sp. n. Endemic. Lowland.
Darna (Oxyplax) ?pallivitta Moore. China, Sundaland.
Darna (Darna) metaleuca Walker. Sundaland. Lowland, (upper montane).
Darna (Orthocraspeda) bornesordida sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Darna (Orthocraspeda) trima ajavana sp. n. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Darna (Orthocraspeda) tuaranensis Holloway. Endemic. (Lowland).
Limantricodes parva sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).

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