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Narosa nagani sp. n.

Narosa nagani

9mm. Externally this species resembles lawaii but differs in characters of the male genitalia: the saccular portion of the valve is shorter and its lobe more equilateral, the central portion is produced into a slender finger, and the costal portion is straight, somewhat rhomboidal and over half the length of the costa; the ventral process of the aedeagus terminates well short of the aedeagus apex.

Holotype  SARAWAK: Gunong Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. (J.D. Holloway et al.) BM 1978-206, Site 11, February, Camp 1, Mulu, 150m, 385470, mixed dipt. forest/river, BM limacodid slide 687.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype was taken in hill dipterocarp forest at low altitude on the Mulu shale/sandstone formation.

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