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Thosea trifurca sp. n

Thosea trifurca (holotype)

17mm. Externally this species resembles borneensis but with the forewing basal to the medial zone suffused with dark grey. The male genitalia have the gnathus trifid, the central prong perhaps three times as large as the two lateral ones. The uncus is broad, distinctively shouldered. The furca arms are much shorter than the valves, curved. The valves have the costa produced into a strong, slightly curved spine.

Holotype (In U.S. National Museum, Washington), MALAYSIA: Sabah: 1km S. Kundasang el. 1530m, 13 Aug. 1983 (G.E. Havel & W.E. Steiner).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The unique specimen was taken in the Crocker Range where it abuts onto G. Kinabalu; the vegetation is probably mainly lower montane forest.

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