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Squamura kinabalua Holloway comb. n
Indarbela kinabalua Holloway, 1976: 88.

Squamura kinabalua

Squamura kinabalua

Both wings are medium brownish grey, the forewings having may diffuse transverse striae that are darker and better defined costally and dorsally.

Taxonomic notes. The species stands apart from other S.E. Asian Squamura in both facies and genitalia structure, though with sufficient similarity to indicate relationship, also in the venation of the wings. It may merit generic status but a more extensive survey of the morphology of the family is needed to test this.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species was described from specimens taken between 1500m and 2000m. on G. Kinabalu. It was also found to be frequent in upper montane forest (1700) on G. Mulu, and a single specimen has been taken at a similar altitude on Bukit Pagon, Brunei.

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