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Setora cupreistriga Walker sp. rev
Nyssia cupreistriga
Walker, 1862,J. Linn. Soc. Lond. (Zool.) 6: 143.

Setora cupreistriga

Setora cupreistriga

The forewings of the male are more uniform brown than in the next species, with the rather straight, diffuse submarginal having a bronzy sheen. The interior margin to the subapical triangle meets the costa at a wider angle than in the next species, a character that is also diagnostic for females. In the male genitalia the furca blades are over half as long as the valves, whereas in the next species they are less than half as long. The spines at the apex of the aedeagus are on average more numerous in cupreistriga. In the female genitalia the setose lobes of the ninth sternite are apically squarish rather than triangular.

Taxonomic notes. A similar taxon flies in Sumatra (slide 285) with S. nitens Walker (see below).

Geographical range. Borneo, ?Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The species has only been taken in the lowlands from habitats such as alluvial forest, mangrove, hill dipterocarp forest and coastal associations; it is probably also to be found in secondary vegetation and cultivated areas.

Biology. No information on the life history of Bornean Setora has been located. The species illustrated by Wood (1968) is probably nitens Walker as are the larvae described and illustrated by Piepers & Snellen (1900) and Kalshoven (1950, 1981).

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