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Cossus rufipecten sp. n.

Cossus rufipecten

28-30mm. The species is somewhat larger than vandeldeni but generally very similar. The antennae of the male are pale orange and more broadly and more extensively bipectinate than in vandeldeni where they are brownish. The head and thorax are also extensively pale orange. In the male genitalia the basal spine of the valve is more elongate with less even curvature, and the valve itself is longer with a diagnostically rounded apex.

Sumatran males have rufous patches in the medial zone of the forewing, just posterior to the disc, but these are obscure in the rather more worn Bornean specimens.

Holotype SARAWAK: Gunong Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. 1977-8 (J.D. Holloway et al.) Site 8, February, Camp 1, Mulu 150m, 385470, mixed  dipt. for., BM cossid slide 84.

Paratypes: 1 as holotype; 1 same general data as holotype but Site 14, February, Camp 2.5, Mulu, 1000m 413461, (lower montane forest) BM  cossid slide 159.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The species has been taken in lowland and lower montane forest.

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