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Setora tamsi Hering
Setora tamsi Hering, 1931: 711. 

Setora tamsi

This is the smallest of the three Bornean species. The forelegs lack white patches. The forewings are a dark glossy brown (faded to pale fawn in the type series), apically more acute and with a faintly paler strip along the costa that expands slightly just before the apex; the hindwings are slightly paler. In the male genitalia the valves are narrower than in other species, the furca blades relatively short and robust; the aedeagus is also short. 

Geographical range. Borneo. 

Habitat preference. The type series is mainly from Bidi in the lowlands of Sarawak. The two specimens taken on the Mulu survey were in alluvial forest at about 70m. 

Biology. One of the Mulu specimens was taken by day at rest hanging under the branch of a small sapling.

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