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Praesetora albitermina Hering stat. n
    Praesetora divergens
Hering, 1931: 711.
Praesetora divergens Moore; sensu Holloway, 1976: 91 and Barlow 1982: 40.

Praesetora albitermina

This species is redder than its Bornean congener with the fasciae meeting on the costa rather than being only slightly convergent. The marginal zone, particularly adjacent to the submarginal, is paler than the rest of the forewing.

Taxonomic notes. The male genitalia indicate this is a species distinct from divergens and indeed a subspecies or sister species of albitermina flies with divergens in N. India.

Geographical range. Punjab, N.E. Himalaya; Sundaland.

Habitat preference. In the Mulu survey the species was found mainly in lowland forest, though not in kerangas; it was particularly abundant in association with limestone and was taken as high as 1200m on G. Api. In Brunei it has also been taken in coastal associations and in areas with swamp forest.

Biology. The larva was described by Piepers & Snellen (1900) under the name Thosea divergens. Its shape is akin to that of Cania or Thosea species. It is a beautiful delicate green, it has an orange-red mark posteriorly and anteriorly on the dorsum when young and, when fully grown, a dorsal yellow stripe within which are three whitish spots mingled with red. Prior to pupation it becomes red, the dorsal stripe a lighter red, and the spines of the tubercles pale yellow.

The host-plants recorded were Mangifera (Anacardiaceae), Terminalia (Combretaceae) and Eugenia (Myrtaceae).

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